Aluminium Sheet Rack for the SCQ ute

New Aluminium Sheet Rack for the SCQ work ute.

The build

I have known Ray for nearly 15 years now and having recognized the need for an aluminium sheet rack, I knew exactly who to engage for my ute project. Ray is my go to man in everything trays. Most projects that Suspended Ceilings QLD undertake involve a truck delivery straight from the supplier. However, when smaller jobs arise the ability to carry sheets and ceiling grid is pretty damn handy for a ceiling man. It was decided I should use 50 x 50 3mm aluminium to try and save on weight and also because I think it looks cool. The rack is 3.6m long allowing full support of main runner and wall angle boxes.

A second hand rear bar was also sourced, but needed extending to gain sufficient height. The whole project was built in Ray’s backyard shed, but don’t let that fool you. Ray is a super modest guy with a serious set of fabrication skills.

Aluminium 50 x 50 sheet rack mid build
Aluminium 50 x 50 sheet rack build in progress

The rack is attached via 75 x 75 6mm aluminium angle between the headboard and rear bar. All bolts are stainless and positioned to prevent premature wear.  The result, as can be seen, is a rack that is not only fully functional but looks awesome too. When you run a business that has a culture built around quality work, it makes sense to engage people with the same exceptional standards. I drove away with a quality product that was completely customised for what we do for $1500!!  The rack has already paid for itself twice over in saved delivery costs and savings in time. So if you need anything done involving ute or truck bodies send us an email and we’ll forward you Ray the tray guru’s details.


Picture of a 50 x 50 aluminium sheet rack fitted to the SCQ work ute
Aluminium Sheet Rack Fitted to SCQ work ute

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