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January 2018 Update for SCQ

January 2018 Update for SCQ

Well the end of January 2018 is here already and time is flying as it always does. Sorry I haven’t posted on my blog in a while things have been rather busy and hectic of late.

So what’s been going on?

Early December saw us lifting and rectifying a ceiling in a rug store in South Brisbane. There were a few challenges with rectifying some pre-existing non-compliant work. Keep an eye out for a future post about the importance of meeting Australian Standards on every job we undertake.

We spent some time on the Sunshine Coast. We completed some home renovations on a guest quarters in a lovely home on the top of Cooroy Mountain. It took some effort but we were able to deliver the project on time before Christmas.

We started the New Year off early, Dec 27th actually, no rest for the wicked here! We spent about a week at a Church in East Brisbane installing a double raked acoustic mineral fibre tile ceiling.  Playing in ceilings in the middle of summer is never fun but after a few late nights we provided the client with a fresh new look for the New Year in their multi purpose hall/room.

We’ve also just completed a new fitout for a leading paint supplier chain in South Brisbane.  The original walls were demolished and the show room was extended with a new 7m high stud wall.  The original ceiling was repaired and then extended to cover the new larger showroom floor.

Product Reviews

On another note we are starting to do  product reviews. I have noticed that finding information on what products are available to customers can be difficult at times. Just because a product is on a manufacturers website, doesn’t necessarily mean that you can get it in Australia in less then 3 months 🙁 .   On the flipside of the coin however there are some great products that are available to the consumer that hardly anyone knows about.  It’s very exciting to see these new products on the market and I can’t wait to start installing some of them.

Tool Reviews

I have purchased several tools recently and  it has come to my attention that there is a shortage of reviews on high end power tools. Often I am left calling other tradesman for their advice and experiences with certain tools. I’ve decided to do some video blogs/reviews on my experiences with tools to help others decide on their next tool purchase.


See you in my next update


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