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Ceiling Rectification in Brisbane

Ceiling Rectification in Brisbane

I recently replaced a ceiling in Brisbane due to multiple breaches of the Australian building code. What started as a simple ceiling job turned into a full ceiling rectification. It is all too common these days for contractors to take the Profit vs Compliance road. It frustrates me to see people not getting what they paid for so a greedy contractor can line their pockets. Not only does this affect the overall finish of a job but it can also severely affect the structural integrity of the ceiling. Fortunately, on the examples listed below, we are able to rectify and replace ceiling components before anyone got hurt.

Example 1: Flawed hanger spacing

This is one of the more common faults in the ceiling industry. As a general rule of thumb, most grid types stipulate that hangers be no more than 1200mm apart.


Example 2: Flawed rod suspension clips

Below is an old rod suspension system, from 20 years ago. These clips are no longer to Australian Standards.   The clips hook over the purlin lip and are not to the current standard, which is a rondo 274 clip fixed to the back vertical face of the purlin.

Non compliant rod suspension clips found during ceiling rectification
This is an older suspension clip that no longer complies to current Australian Standards
Example 3: No rod suspension clips

I found here an instance where no purlin clip has been used at all! What this means is the slightest upward pressure on the rod could result in the rod falling off.  This kind of work is a disaster just waiting to happen.

No rod suspension clips found at all during ceiling rectification
Example of no rod suspension clips used at all during ceiling rectification
Example 4: Wrong rod joiner

Here we have a rod that is joined by an  unapproved joiner. The correct joining clips are available for purchase through Rondo.

Non compliant rod suspension clips found during ceiling rectification
This is a non compliant suspension rod joiner
Example 5:  Flawed suspension wire

The  wire below is actually data cable, which  does not comply with the current Australian standard.

Non compliant suspension wire fixed during Ceiling Rectification
Example of non compliant suspension wire
Example 6: Flawed grid engagement.

Zip ties solve everything, however not in this case! Not only does this not comply, it’s also outright dangerous. Over time the zip ties perish like these ones did and snap with little pressure.


The finished ceiling after rectifications can be found  here.

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