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Suspended ceiling defects can be prevented.

Suspended ceilings defects unfortunately still fairly common here in QLD. Generally, I get an enquiry about repairing substandard work at least once per week. It’s frustrating knowing most of the ceilings I inspect wouldn’t be failing if they were installed correctly. What most people don’t realise is it’s very difficult to give a timeframe on complete failure. The installation is either correct or it isn’t and this is what we report on. Having said that some suspended ceiling defects are clearly at more risky than others. repairs are both costly and frustrating for property owners who suffer from these defects. The best way to avoid these repairs is to have the ceiling built correctly in the first place.

an example of Suspended ceiling defects
Good example of ceiling defects in a retail store

Some common suspended ceiling defects

Firstly, suspension systems are a common cause of ceiling failure. This failure occurs for a wide variety of reasons.

Reasons for suspension system failure

  • Rod spacing exceeding manufacturers specifications
  • Out of plumb rods
  • Substandard rod bend angle
  • Incorrect rod hanging brackets
  • Wrong fasteners used creating more suspended ceiling defects
  • Incorrect rod to main bar clip
  • Cables tied to hangars are not acceptable
  • Other trades removing hangers

Secondly, Exposed suspended ceiling grid system needs to be right. So what’s the right way anyway? It means that Australian standards and manufacturers recommendations need to be complied with.

Reasons for Suspended ceiling defects and failure

  • Incorrect wall angle type or installation
  • Poor bar engagement (e.g. Zip ties shouldn’t hold it together)
  • Not checking grid for damage before installation
  • Damage by others once the grid is complete
  • Grid out of level
  • Out of square ceiling grid
  • Wrong size ceiling tiles for the grid (especially when people put metric tiles in an imperial grid)
unessasry tile gaps
Another example of Gird ceiling defects


To reduce suspended ceiling defects check their licence with the QBCC. Ask questions and ask for references and actually check them. Do it right, do it once!

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