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Custom printed ceiling Tiles

Custom printed ceiling tiles are now available! We now have access to a custom tile printing service. If you can get in on a jpg or a pdf we can get it on a tile. Imagine the possibilities? Dentist clinic, a nice smile on the ceiling. Pet store, footprints around the store. You get the idea. Available in 1 tile prints, or you can have an image spanning across multiple tiles. How awesome! You can cover the entire ceiling or just certain areas, it’s custom so it’s up to you. Also if you choose to move premises, you can easily take your tile investment with you in most cases.

Custom printed ceiling Tiles
A few examples of custom printed ceiling tiles

Replacing existing looks

These custom print tiles are great because they can also replace other building products and still look the same. Love the look of timber, but don’t want to use timber? Just print the timber on a tile no worries. Concrete look, no problem. Even plain coloured exposed grid ceilings are possible. Thousands of colours are available, giving no limits to what you can do.

Furthermore, using an exposed grid system over the original material can offer benefits as well. Exposed grid systems are extremely versatile in commercial buildings. Lighting and air conditioning is both more cost-effective and flexible. If needs change it’s easier to update services in an exposed grid system.

Tile Choice

Why is tile choice important. Firstly, individual acoustic requirements can be taken into account. This means you get the right level of acoustics where you need it. Secondly, tile finish is chosen by you. If you want fine fissures great, however, if you want smooth finish (most common) we can do that too. Finally, you can choose tile thickness between available choices.

In conclusion, this is a great service for promoting a brand in a way that stands out to be a little bit different from the rest. Worth a look!

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