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False ceiling… what are they?

What’s in a name

False ceiling is a name commonly given to a ceiling which hangs below a substrate. This can be either directly fixed or hung with suspension wires. Suspended ceiling is the most common name for a drop ceiling. Other names include, drop, stretch and T bar ceilings. So what’s the difference? The short answer is not much. It’s all pretty much different names for the same thing. Different countries at time favour different terms, but in short the same thing.

False ceiling with the tiles in
Grid ceiling complete with tiles.

Different types of false ceiling

There are several different types of false ceilings you can have.

Firstly, we have exposed grid suspended ceilings. Exposed grid is a T bar system that interlocks together in various layouts. 1200 x 600 is the most common you will find. Services fit easily into this layout, making it great for office and commercial spaces. Multiple tile choices are available, plaster, mineral fibre, metal, timber the list goes on. Furthermore, needs change and it great to be able to access your ceiling cavity.

Secondly, we have concealed grid false ceilings. These ceilings consist of a metal framework. Sheeting and flush setting happen next. Painting generally follows soon after. A concealed grid can create a variety of shapes, angles and curves. Its weakness is in serviceability. Repairs are expensive and you need access panels to access the ceiling cavity.

Finally, stretch false ceilings make an appearance. Firstly, we install the perimeter track. Then we install a membrane over the tracks. This creates one seamless surface. Downsides are it’s difficult to repair, with low acoustics. Whereas the flip side, they lose the least space of any ceiling type and are seamless with no joins.

False ceiling, exposed grid, no tiles

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