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Why a Villaboard Ceiling needs to be to spec

Villaboard Ceiling repairs are common these days. Ceilings being installed incorrectly is the main cause of these ceiling failures.

What is Villaboard/Fibre Cement sheeting

Villaboard is a fibre cement sheet product. James Hardie makes Villaboard in a variety of lengths and thicknesses. Obviously, your manufacturers such as CSR and BGC make their own fibre cement sheeting just named differently.

cracked villaboard ceiling
Cracked fibre cement ceiling

Whats good about Villaboard?

Villaboard is rigid and durable. Bathrooms and wet areas are all ideal places to install Villaboard. You can tile directly over it. Furthermore, it high ly resistant to damage especially in 9mm format. 9mm is commonplace in schools and housing commission. This is due to it’s high durability.

Fibre cement ceiling
Resheeted villaboard ceiling, back blocked and ready for setting

So where does a Villaboard ceiling go wrong?

Incorrection installation is a major cause of fibre cement failure. I’ve seen the specs tightened over the years i’ve been working. I assume this is due to Hardies finding problems and attempting to improve the installation process. Firstly the addition backblocking to add stength to the joins. Secondly, Expansion joint spacings have gotten closer as the years go by. Finally, setting compounds have evolved to better deal with moisture.

Villaboard Ceiling
Villaboard ceiling after flush setting

Follow the Specs!

What do we learn from this? Manufacturers specs are there for a reason. Follow them! This includes actually following safety directions. Villaboard contains silica which is harmful when it enters the lungs. My father has one of these conditions. Consequently, I can’t stress enough that you need to read the safety instructions and follow them!

In conclusion, the product is great. Villaboard ceilings and walls have been around for a long time for a reason. It is waterproof, hardwearing and can be flush set. Just download the installation manual and actually follow it. This will ensure the best chance for a long-lasting cement sheet.

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2 thoughts on “Why a Villaboard Ceiling needs to be to spec

  1. Thanks for sharing this information on your website. Would you please share what you use for back blocking cement for Villaboard?

    1. Hi Andreas,

      Thanks for visiting us. The current spec from Hardies is a ‘suitable’ back blacking cement “I know how specific :)”. We generally use plasterboard back blocking cement from the supplier you’re buying the villaboard from. Back blocking cement has a decent working life so you can mix a big bucket up, I rarely have any wasted mix. The big note I will say is make sure the surfaces are clear of dust before you apply your backblocks otherwise they might not stick. I hope this helps, take care mate.

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