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Coronavirus Update Suspended Ceilings QLD

Coronavirus update Suspended Ceilings QLD, April 20 2020. Difficult times are here and the arrival of COVID-19 has affected everyone in some way. Suspended Ceilings QLD is still trading and ready to help with your ceiling needs. We already take health and safety very seriously. During this pandemic, we are taking extra steps to reduce the risk of transmission.

In construction, we face dangers on a daily basis. We always need to work in a manner that keeps staff, clients and the public safe. Through this COVID update, SCQ will inform you of the several additional measures implemented to help reduce the chances of transmission.

Coronavirus Update Suspended Ceilings QLD control measures

My ritual greeting handshake has been suspended for the foreseeable future. A distanced hello wave has taken its place. This might be the toughest measure I personally have had to adopt. I was brought up to shake the hand of the new people I meet as a sign of mutual respect.

Hand sanitizer is now standard place in all work vehicles and worksites. Sanitizer is used regularly throughout the day. Furthermore, where handwashing facilities are available, staff wash their hands regularly.

Coronavirus update suspended ceilings sanitizer
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The best way to control most hazards is to remove them. Therefore, work is being done during slow times, where there are less or no people present. Additionally, our workers exercise strict social distancing measures and only work in small set groups.

Furthermore, we try to avoid touching common surfaces were absolutely possible. We sanitise our workspace after every workday to help prevent the spread.

Coronavirus Update Suspended Ceilings QLD Conclusion

I take these safety measures very seriously. This is due to the fact I have a young family at home who are trying to stay isolated. Consequently, I want to continue to protect them and everyone else that I come into contact with.

We refer and use the advice given from to stay up to date with the crisis.

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2 thoughts on “Coronavirus Update Suspended Ceilings QLD

  1. Hi Steve from England,
    You kindly left a message on our website earlier in the year at many thanks for you kind feedback on our site and I must say very impressed with the amount of suspended ceiling info you have on yours here.
    Who would of thought what this year would of brought to us all, I hope you manged to stay busy throughout and have came through the other side all well. The UK seems to have long way to go quite yet but throughout we have kept busy with various projects and many healthcare related.
    All the best and will drop back on this site from time to time to keep updated too.

    1. We hope you guys are keeping safe in this time of crisis. It’s a concern for sure, while we were in lockdown I spent the time making my youtube channel talking about ceiling tiles etc. Always something to do 🙂 Take care my friends and stay in touch.

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