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Vinyl Plasterboard ceiling tile

Introducing the Usg Boral Nova

Usg Boral introduces it’s Nova Vinyl plasterboard ceiling tile. The nova is a PVC laminated gypsum ceiling tile. In simpler terms, its a plasterboard ceiling tile with vinyl stuck to the seen face so it looks good. Is a general-purpose ceiling tile suitable for a variety of applications. Nova comes prepackaged in packs of 6, ready to install.

USG boral Nova Vinyl Plasterboard ceiling tile face

Nova Plasterboard ceiling tile foil backing 

The foil backing is a point of difference when comparing the Nova to its rivals. Foil is commonly used in the reflection of heat in construction. Furthermore, The foil backing is designed to be more resistant to moisture than the usual paper backing on most plasterboard ceiling panels. Moisture leads to tile sag and premature tile life. This makes Nova ideal for ceiling spaces with low ventilation and higher than average humidity.

Nova vinyl Plasterboard ceiling tile back foil face
Backside image of the Nova pictured. Note the point of difference foil backing.

Tech Specs

  • Material. Plasterboard
  • Texture: Fine textured vinyl face
  • Colour: White
  • Edge Profile: Square
  • Tile Length: 1192mm
  • Width: 592mm
  • Tile Thickness:9mm
  • CAC: not specified
  • NRC: not specified
  • Sustainability: made from gypsum and 100 percent reclaimed paper waste
Nova edge detail

My thoughts on Nova Plasterboard ceiling tile

I find the smooth factory edges makes for easier cutting. Most experienced installers use their tape as a guide for measurement. The surface is then scored at the desired length for the length of the tile. Consequently, the smoother edge makes this easier reduced bumps as you score the panel. 

The Nova vinyl Plasterboard ceiling tile breaks cleanly when scoring and snapping. I am unclear as to whether this is due to the backing or the board or both. In reality, I only care that it breaks cleanly, reducing the need for messy time-consuming trimming.

The prepackaged boxes that Nova comes in, results in less damage. This, in turn, leads to a cleaner install and a better result overall. The only negative I could state here is the boxes are heavy. Henceforth, it would be a good idea to invest in smart ways to move them around the site.

Nova raw edge view


Nova is currently our preferred plasterboard vinyl ceiling tile. Firstly, this is largely due to it being a quality product, at a competitive price. Secondly, It’s brilliant white face really lights up a space, creating a fantastic look. Finally, it has the added bonus of the foil backing for the same price as it’s competitors. Henceforth, this is why it takes the number 1 spot for vinyl faced ceiling tiles we use.

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