Suspended Ceiling Services

Ceiling Types  by suspended ceilings QLD

Also known as a drop ceiling or a false ceiling, suspended ceilings are quite versatile. They are clean looking, easy to service and perfect for your fit-out. With so many advantages and options available, one of our ceilings could be just what your project needs!

Flush Set Ceilings

A suspended flush set ceiling is a ceiling that is suspended from the roof or above the slab, then sheeted in plasterboard. It is then flush set and sanded to a smooth and clean finish ready for painting.  A flush set ceiling allows you to hide and incorporate services such as air conditioning, sensors, lighting and cabling, with ease of access for repairs and maintenance to your services. These types of ceilings are great as they are an affordable option and easy to install and remove.

Vinyl Tile Ceilings

A great suspended ceiling option, used on the interior of buildings and better in spaces exposed to moisture.  They are a plasterboard tile with a vinyl face. This provides a nice smooth finish which is easy to clean. These are suitable in commercial areas where a cleanable surface is required.

Grid Ceilings

Grid ceilings are a dropped ceiling that is hung below the roof or structure above.  Panels are then slid in and out of the grid and can help keep the room cool or warm making them ideal for different environments. These are a great option for commercial spaces providing a clean and tidy appearance with acoustic ratings to suit your needs.  At Suspended Ceilings Qld we can install a grid suspended ceiling to your new or existing space.

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Acoustic Ceilings

If you want to reduce or stop noise moving from one area to another then an acoustic suspended ceiling is the way to go. They are a great option to decrease noise, echoes and improve the sound quality within your space. This makes them a common choice for schools, offices and retail spaces.  We can help you choose from a range of sizes and designs that suit your requirements.