Ceiling Tile Replacement by SCQ

Ceiling tile replacement in simple terms is merely leaving the existing grid where it is while the tiles are removed and then reinstalled. This is much more economical in terms of time and money than replacing the whole ceiling.

Ceiling tile replacement showing the difference between new and old warped ceiling panels
Many ceiling tiles warp and bow over time. The above image shows the difference between old warped tiles and the new panels being installed near them.

Considering replacement of ceiling tiles?

So, you are thinking about ceiling tile replacement in your home or commercial space. Great idea! Your ceiling may be old or damaged. It may be just plain ugly or perhaps you just feel like a change. There are infinite reasons for ceiling tile replacement in both residential and commercial settings.

Suspended tile ceilings are common in buildings where duct work, electrical and plumbing fixtures need to run along the ceiling. This is because the grid work of ceiling tiles allows easy access to services concealed above the ceiling. Even though this grid is relatively hardy, unfortunately the tiles themselves may break or yellow.

Ceiling tile replacement can be necessary following a smorgasbord of negative influences your ceiling tiles may suffer. These nasties could include any number of the following:

  • Age
  • Yellowing
  • Dirt
  • Water damage
  • Smells
  • Fungus
  • Physical damage and breakage (perhaps from kids game or a science experiment gone wrong)

Need to replace ceiling tiles? Don’t Panic!

Homeowners and property owners all know how suddenly a repair job can present itself in a ceiling. If you discover your ceiling needs some first aid or even just some tender loving care, don’t panic! Suspended Ceilings Qld are here to help. In fact, after speaking to our ceiling experts, you’ll be looking forward to seeing how great your ceiling make-over will look.

If your ceiling only has damage to some of the tiles and not the entire ceiling, you won’t have to replace the whole ceiling thanks to Suspended Ceilings Qld. Our team will supply, cut and install exact or like-matched replacements for broken or missing tiles.

Replacement of ceiling tiles sooner rather than later.

Before we do this though, we’ll check the condition of your entire ceiling. Addressing the issue of cracks, breakages or water damage in ceiling tiles is much more than a cosmetic fix. It is very important to fix the problem as soon as possible. This will ensure the integrity of your thermal and acoustic benefits, provided by your suspended tile ceiling. Any gap at all in the ceiling will have a detrimental effect on both thermal and acoustic performance. Sound and heat will transfer between your ceiling space and the room below the ceiling. Don’t deprive yourself of the energy savings you could be enjoying as a result of the thermal insulation and light reflectance properties of a well-maintained suspended ceiling.

Of the many ways you can go about replacement of ceiling tiles, some solutions will be economical while others may be classed as an investment. Some solutions are purely for aesthetic purposes or to keep the other half happy or even for practical or health related reasons. Solutions are limited only to your budget and your imagination.

Smoke stained acoustic panels
Air conditioning vents can also case stains on ceiling tiles creating an unappealing look. The above ceiling is actually stained by tobacco smoke.
Stained ceiling after ceiling tile replacement
The tobacco smoke affected ceiling after a re-tile with a 19mm acoustic mineral fibre ceiling tile. Several tiles remain to wait for the electrician to rewire the smoke dectectors into the new ceiling tiles. Also pictured is one of our staff cleaning the area after job completion.

Ceiling Tile Replacement – The SERVICE

SCQ offers the best service in the business.

The ceiling tile replacement service that Suspended Ceilings Qld offers is second to none, from your very first enquiry to the completion of your job. You do not even need to know how you want the ceiling renovated or repaired. All you need to do is recognise when your ceiling needs help and make the call.

You don’t even need to know what you want.

Steve will answer your call or get back to you in very impressive response time. Then explain what concerns you have about your ceiling. Steve will give you all the options available, explain the pros and cons of each, and allow you time to make an informed decision. He also likes to visit the site to see the ceiling in person.

The site visit.

This site visit is crucial in determining if there are any underlying issues such as leaks or electrical problems that require repair before advising you of the best course of action. He will also check for mildew and mold if moisture has permeated the ceiling.

Health checks.

Mold and mildew are a health hazard in any building and need to be removed in a professional manner. Molds are a form of fungus that can grow on virtually any surface where moisture is present. They reproduce through lightweight spores that travel through the air. These microorganisms can quickly fill the air and spread throughout your home, endangering your health with every passing hour. Exposure to mold can cause several health issues especially if you have allergies or asthma. They can cause throat and lung irritation, nasal stuffiness, eye irritation, cough, and wheezing, as well as skin irritation in some cases. This is definitely not something you want to expose yourself to, let alone your family, employees, tenants or customers.

Safety checks.

In addition to being on the lookout for mold, mildew, leaks and electrical problems, Steve will also check out the integrity of the system. If there are hangers missing or dislodged, your ceiling will not be safe and he will advise you accordingly. So you can see why you definitely need an experienced professional checking on your safety.

Professional advice on replacing your ceiling tiles.

With a bit of luck, your ceiling may just be suffering a developing stain or sag with no underlying issues such as those discussed above. You will then be able to save money and simply replace the affected ceiling tiles, leaving the rest as is. In this case, the SCQ team will remove your damaged tiles from the existing grid and replace them with matching new tiles. SCQ has an unusually large supplier network which gives access to a wide selection of tiles. This gives us the advantage of much higher matching rates than our competitors. We can even match different colours, black, white, smooth, fissured, random patterns, wood and metal looks and plenty more. We can restore your ceiling to its former beauty efficiently and economically.

If this is not the case at your home or building, there is no better place to plan your new tiled suspended ceiling than with SCQ. We can explain all the options to you, the benefits of each option and the difference in cost for the various options you are keen on.

Water stains on old acoustic grid pan els
Water damage is the number 1 reason for partial ceiling tiles replacements. Nasty brown stains are the most common effect that tiles show after being damaged by water. In some cases, they just collapse and fall out altogether.
Water stained ceiling tile after replacement
A water damaged ceiling after a complete ceiling tile replacement. Tiles are USG MARS a 19mm fleeced acoustic mineral fibre ceiling tile.

Quoting your ceiling tile replacement

So far we have discussed SCQ’s service from your enquiry, to the onsite visit and discussion to establish the type of ceiling tile required, and whether there are any other services required, for example electrical, plumbing or air-conditioning. SCQ are associated with a group of professional tradesmen who can attend to other services if you wish.

The team at SCQ will have measured up the materials required to complete your ceiling tile replacement and is now ready to provide you with a quote. This will be a fixed price to enable you to budget for the project and to decide which option suits your unique circumstances better.


After you decide what is best for your ceiling, and you have received your quote, it is time to organize a timeframe.  Factors to consider include whether the work can be undertaken during business hours or needs to be performed out of hours, or on weekends. Can the premises be closed while the work is carried out or does the work need to be organized while the premises are open for business, or somebody is living in the premises? All of these factors will influence the amount of time taken to complete the project. Steve and the team at Suspended Ceilings Qld strive to co-operate and “make-it-work” for you.

Let the work begin.

Once the start date has been set, expect the team to arrive punctually on Day 1 ready for work. The team is equipped with state-of-the-art professional tools and equipment and all the recommended PPE and safety apparatus.

They will cover the floor and any furniture in the room with drop cloths to protect your cherished possessions. Debris builds up over time on the ceiling tiles, and drop cloths provide easy clean-up.

Then they remove the old tiles while inspecting the ceiling grid for damage. The inspection for integrity of the ceiling system takes place at this stage also. After this, the team fits the new ceiling tiles and ensures the ceiling is correctly aligned via Laser Levels. The workers then clean up thoroughly and leave you to sit back and enjoy your awesome new ceiling.

Benefits of Ceiling Tile Replacement

We have so far looked at what replacement of ceiling tiles involves and some reasons why the process is so popular and sometimes necessary. Now we are going to look at some of the benefits of replacing ceilings tiles.

Cost Effectiveness

It does not take a mathematical degree to realize that it costs less to replace part of the ceiling than it does to replace the whole ceiling. When the grid is left and only the tiles are replaced, you save money in material as well as labour.

You may not need to replace all of the grid or all of the tiles.

Perhaps the grid is still in good condition and only a portion of the tiles need replacing. This will save you time and money. Let our professional team match up your tiles for you so that nobody will ever know there was a problem. We can do the same if only part of the grid system needs replacing.

Services can stay in as opposed to replacing grid as well.

When the grid is removed as well as the tiles, services will need to be moved or removed as well. This will increase your down-time and increase labour and material cost of the ceiling. It will also cost extra because of the labour and material costs charged by other trades, such as electricians and air-conditioning specialists.


Replacing just the tiles is much faster than replacing the grid as well. Not only will the ceiling specialist take less time to do the job, they will not be waiting on other trades to complete their responsibility on the project.

Shorter duration of the job less down-time for you and inconvenience for you and your family, your employees or clients.

Avoid the Seismic redesign woes.

The new ceilings code has meant that new ceilings are required to submit a seismic design prior to construction. This can be extremely costly and time consuming. Because the code is relatively new, it can be difficult to source a qualified professional to calculate and draw up the seismic design. Replacement of the ceiling could take extra weeks or more, just waiting on the seismic design.

Provided the grid is not changed, engineering is not required.

Cosmetic Reasons

Old, stained and discoloured ceiling tiles can make a space look dirty, dark, unloved and unprofessional. Replacing the tiles can give your space a fresh, clean look that is much more appealing to family, guests, staff or clients.

New colour

Ceiling tiles come in lots of different colours. Why not change your ceiling tils to a colour that suits your space better. Give it a modern look. Blend in with other décor and wall colours. Use colour to make the space look brighter, cosier, or more spacious.

Paint the Grid

If the grid is in good condition you can paint the grid while the tiles are out. This can brighten up faded grid or even paint a different colour to make a stunning pattern in the ceiling.

Can be done in sections

If your ceiling is large, tiles replacement can be done in sections. If the grid is being replaced too, there are WHS risks involved in replacing a large grid ceiling. This especially true if the building is commercial and closing down for the duration of the project is not an option.


Perhaps you should consider not just a different colour, but a different type of tile. There is likely a type of tile more appropriate to the space.

Some tiles are manufactured to either reflect or absorb light, depending on the purpose of the space. Other tiles are manufactured to prevent noise transmission while thermal tiles are used to assist air-conditioning with temperature control.

Opportunity to do additional work

While the tiles are out of the ceiling is a perfect opportunity to do additional work if required e.g.; Walls between classrooms in schools can be soundproofed while the tile ceiling was out.

While the tiles are out there is free access to the ceiling space for other trades if required.

Glass wool tile ceiling after ceiling tile replacement.
The fire station ceiling after replacement. 19mm fleece acoustic mineral fibre tiles have been used.
Old Glass wool insulated panels in exposed ceiling grid
A fire station ceiling fitted with an old glasswool ceiling tile. Our client wanted a smoother cleaner look with better acoustics and no glasswool.

Why Choose Us for you ceiling tile replacement?

Do you want your project done just once (and properly)

SCQ are Ceiling Specialists. We are professionals. Ceilings are what we do! We do not cut corners. The job gets done properly, the first time, everytime. We meet and exceed Australian standards and always comply with manufacturers installation recommendations.

Professional Tradesmen

We are professional ceiling installers. Our tradesmen have decades of experience in the field. We have the knowledge and experience to ensure you get what you need. We guarantee or workmanship.

Professional Work Ethics

Our team are clean cut family men. We are non-smokers with exceptionally high work standards. We respect your property as if it were our own. You can be assured we leave your building in the condition it was found. We take away our rubbish and clean the space to at least the way we found it.

Professional Service

We offer a complete tile replacement service. We have compiled a team of trade professionals who are available for us to handle multi-trade projects.

Response time is super fast and follow-up is reliable with answers you can trust.

Project timelines are formulated with you to ensure the least possible disturbance to your daily routine.

Product Suppliers

Our business with multiple distributors ensure we have ready access to multiple manufacturer’s products. This enables us to supply you with the best and most cost effective outcome for your project

We have a wide selection of ceiling tiles to either match your existing tiles or suggest a new tile to smarten up your space.

Tile choice and why it matters

If you are planning a ceiling tile replacement, it is important to consider the environment the suspended ceiling is going into. Different environments benefit from different tiles. Consider what features you require from your ceiling. Do you need high sound absorption, a wipeable finish, tolerance to humidity or perhaps light reflectance. Perhaps you are searching for sag, mold, and mildew resistance. The tile you choose will determine both how the ceiling functions and how the ceiling looks.

Our experienced team are keen to inform you and show you options to suit your needs. We have a wide selection of ceiling tiles to either match your existing tiles or suggest a new tile to smarten up your office. Choose from our range of ceiling tiles, including:

  • Armstrong
  • Rockfon
  • Daiken
  • USG Boral
  • Plasterboard
  • OWA
  • AMF
  • Fibre Cement
  • Timber
  • Metal


  • Basic Fissured 
  • Coloured 
  • Design/Special 
  • Fine Fissured 
  • Metal (Perforated) 
  • Metal (Plain) 
  • Sand Textured 
  • Smooth (Insulated) 
  • Smooth-Fleece (Mineral Fibre)
  •  (Smooth (Wipeable) 

Examples of tiles with some pros and cons

Vinyl faced plasterboard:


  • Vinyl tiles are affordable.
  • Serviceability. They can be cleaned easily and can be taken in out without damaging the tile.
  • Easy installation and not easily damaged.
  • Super easy maintenance; easy to clean with soap and water.
  • Will handle small amounts of moisture.
  • Bacterial resistance is good.
  • They can handle thicker insulation over the top if required, because they are a stronger tile. 
  • They are easier to fit services such as downlights because no additional bracing is required as the tiles are stronger than others eg: mineral fibre
  • Available in Black!


  • Not good for acoustic

Fine fissured acoustic mineral fibre:

USG impressions mineral fibre panels
Fine fissured acoustic mineral fibre tiles provide a good acoustic solution for the budget conscious. Pictured is tile only replacement using a 15mm USG/Boral impressions fine fissured acoustic ceiling panel.

There is a large selection of different types of acoustic mineral fibre tiles.


  • Fine fissured small pin holes serve for acoustic value and appearance.
  • There is a selection of colours; eg; black, lighter
  • The acoustic value is …..
  • Different thicknesses are available for different applications for sound transmission from above the ceiling and below the ceiling….
  • Good for multi-storey buildings and office environments.


  • These tiles do not tolerate moisture as well as plasterboard.
  • They are not as strong as plasterboard. This means they will need service brackets on the topside of the tile to bear the weight of services such as downlights and speakers.
  • Keeping these tiles clean can be an ongoing issue. The tiny holes gradually become clogged with dirt and dust.  This reduces noise control.
  • Acoustic tiles are also susceptible to mold and bacteria. This presents another reason for regular scheduled cleaning of the tiles.

Fleece finish acoustic mineral fibre:

These tiles are a mineral fibre tiles with a fleece fabric covering.


  • Fleece tiles are better for cleaning than mineral fibre painted as they can mark easily.
  •  Small marks can be wiped off with a microfibre cloth or a feather duster. This makes them easier to install, with better appearance.


  • Are expensive when compared to most fine fissured options
perforated villa board exposed grid panels
A school tile ceiling fitted with an old perforated villaboard ceiling tile. These old tiles allowed both excess heat to enter from the ceiling cavity and noise to travel to adjacent classrooms creating learning difficulties due to excess noise.
perforated ceiling tiles after ceiling tile replacement
The school classroom after tile replacement. A 19mm acoustic mineral fibre fleece faced tile has been selected. These improved thermal, acoustic and aesthetic appeal in the rooms replaced.



  • Metal is great for creating an industrial chic, or rugged look.
  • A range of colours is available including brushed aluminium and gold.
  • Different finishes are available, such as timber-grain.
  • Serviceable. They can be easily wiped with soapy water and cloth.
  • Tiles can be painted.


  • More expensive

Timber Veneer


  • Beautiful, fine wood gives a warm modern look.
  • Several different colours and wood grain textures are available.
  • Avoids many problems associated with real wood.


  • Expensive


In Conclusion

With such a wide range of practical and stylish tiles options available today, a ceiling tile replacement can quickly give you the fresh new look and function you want on the budget you can afford. Give Suspended Ceiling Qld a call to take the worry and work out of your replacing your ceiling tiles.

For ideas on what ceiling tiles to use check out our ceiling tile range

We often use USG/Boral products.