Ceiling Tile Range for your ceiling

Our ceiling tile range just keeps getting better and better. Suspended ceilings Qld uses a variety of manufacturers tiles to get the right tile for you. Every tile wholesaler believes and sells their tile as being the best. The reality of the matter is every tile has its pros and cons. That being said I am a huge believer in both performance and value for money. Henceforth many of my recommendations are based on those two factors. I’ve created this page to help both my clients as well as web visitors a better understanding of what’s available.

Ceiling Tile range available for install by Suspended Ceilings QLD
A wide variety of ceiling tiles are available to suit different needs and budgets

So what’s available?

Firstly, we can supply and install vinyl faced plasterboard tiles. Secondly, we can source and install a huge range of acoustic ceiling tiles. Thirdly, multiple timber-based options are also available. Finally we have access to a large number of metal tile options.

Some tiles we use quite often

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Plaster Tiles

Plaster ceiling tiles have several advantages. Firstly, they are very durable compared to mineral fibre. Secondly, you can clean them! Most dirt simply wipes off with a damp cloth or some spray and wipe. Finally, they are a very cost-effective option. Basically, these tiles are awesome in warehouse and active worksapces. However, as a downside, they have low levels of acoustic absorption. Consequently, this makes them unsuited to some spaces where the acoustics are a concern.

  • Paintable 10mm plaster
  • Pre finished Vinyl faced 10mm plaster

Acoustic Mineral Fibre ceiling panels

  • USG Impressions 15mm
  • Boral/USG Illusions
  • USG Radar 15mm
  • Radar 19mm high nrc
  • adar High NRC 19mm
  • AMF Star 15mm
  • Star 15mm complete by AMF
  • AMF Star 19mm complete
  • Fine stratos from AMF
  • AMF Mercure 15mm
  • Mercure 15mm complete
  • AMF mercure 19mm complete

Ceiling Tile Manufacturerers we Supply and Install





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