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Black Ceiling Tiles are now available as a standard item

Black ceiling tiles are available as a standard item now!

It can be common for clients looking for that different look to want black ceiling tiles. The problem with installing black ceiling tiles in the past is that you have to buy a white ceiling tile and then paint it black. Most acoustic ceiling tiles available on today’s market offer an anti sag warranty. When you paint a tile this warranty usually becomes null and void.  In over 20 years of experience, I have seen many ceiling tiles get painted in a variety of colours. In the majority of cases painting the tiles caused a visible sag in the tiles, making it obvious why doing so can void your warranty.

It’s fantastic that USG BORAL has released their standard Radar acoustic mineral fibre ceiling tile in black. Even though the supply price of the tile is slightly higher than the white version, the benefits outweigh the extra cost. You get full warranty on the tile and you save on the time and expense of painting the tiles.

Technically the white and black tiles are nearly identical in performance. Both the black and white versions of the radar tile have nearly identical NRC and CAC ratings. Understanding NRC and CRC ratings will be covered in a future article. The black tiles however are only available in a square edge version, with no recess options available as yet. For those who are envirmentally conscious the white tiles use 45% recycled content, where as the black tiles only use 25 – 34% recycled content.

Black Ceiling Tile
Black Radar ClimaPlus ceiling tile by USG BORAL
black ceiling tiles next to white ceiling tile
Black radar tile next to a white radar ceiling tile.
USG/Boral Black Radar ceiling tile video review


  • 1200 x 600 x 16mm
  • .55 NRC
  • 35 CAC
  • 25 – 34% recycled content
  • available in square edge profile
  • available in white and … you guessed it black!

For more information on USG BORAL radar tiles follow the link below.

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