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Black Ceiling Tiles are now available … BLACK is BACK!

Suspended Ceilings Queensland is proud to announce that “Black is Back”. In keeping with this, we have an awesome range of Black Ceiling Tile supplies and services. In fact, this is fast becoming one our most popular ranges. This is perhaps because black is making a come-back in interior decorating. To explain this trend, most people consider black to be sleek, modern, and dramatic.

Black acoustic mineral fibre tile ceiling

Benefits of installing Ceilings Tiles

Before discussing this trend towards black ceilings, let us take a quick look at some of the great advantages of suspended ceilings in general. They can successfully hide your ugly electrical, plumbing and ductwork mess. What is more, insulation and soundproofing due to the ceiling tiles create a practical reason to choose this product. Lastly, they look great and installation is easy.

As can been seem from the list above, suspended ceilings offer a wide range of benefits at an affordable price. More information on suspended ceilings is available at ……………… (our other page.)

Which ceiling tiles are best?

Now that you have decided to install ceiling tiles, the next decision is which tile will suit you best. Firstly, you need to decide what the room will be used for and the type of atmosphere you wish to create in space.

After you understand the purpose and feel you want in the room, go ahead and plan what ceiling tiles will deliver the best result. The activities planned for the room will mostly determine the type of material your ceiling tiles need to be made of. In other words, the qualities or characteristics of the tile should serve the purpose you need them to fulfil.

Choosing the right ceiling tile material can make a huge difference to a room. In fact, it should be considered as a fifth wall. After all, the potential to show off colour, pattern, texture and style is as promising for ceilings as it is for wall and floor coverings.

On the other hand, many people believe the ceiling rarely gets noticed. Therefore, little thought is often put into choosing the right colour ceiling tile.

White Vs Black Ceiling Tiles

Refuting this “ceiling-insignificance’ theory, we believe that choosing the correct colour for your ceiling tiles is of paramount importance. In keeping with this, you should not just go with white because it seems safe. It is the most common choice, but that does not mean it is the right choice for you.

In fact, you may love the simplicity and brightness of a white ceiling tile. White tends to give a space extra light, making it look bigger and more open. This could be an advantage if you are trying to make a small space appear larger.

On the other hand, white ceilings tiles are everywhere. This can make them seem dull and boring. But if you are seeking to “dress up” your area and make a statement, then perhaps you should consider a darker colour.

 It can be common for clients looking for that different look to want black ceiling tiles. The problem with installing black ceiling tiles in the past is that you had to buy a white ceiling tile and then paint it black. Most acoustic ceiling tiles available on today’s market offer an anti-sag warranty. When you paint a tile this warranty usually becomes null and void.  In over 20 years of experience, I have seen many ceiling tiles get painted in a variety of colours. In most cases painting the tiles caused a visible sag in the tiles, making it obvious why doing so can void your warranty.

Black Ceiling Tiles

When you weigh up the advantages of black ceiling tiles, it is not surprising that more people are beginning to use them. The colour black adds style and sophistication to a room. The darker colour can also help to make the ceiling look lower. This in turn can make the room look smaller and more intimate. While light colours can give a bright, will lit and airy feel, in contrast the black ceiling tile warms up the space and makes it feel snug instead of cold and impersonal.

As you no doubt see already, there is a lot to be said for black ceiling tiles. It is the ceiling that just keeps giving. Let us have a closer look at some the specific attractions of this sexy ceiling.

Benefits and Beauty of black ceiling tiles.

Black ceilings provide an excellent platform for feature lighting

Because of the darkness of black ceiling tiles, other features in the room that want to draw attention to will stand out. For example, you may want the focus of the room to be a piece of art, sculpture, a feature wall or a show-stopping piece of furniture.

Likewise, in home theatres the black ceiling tiles, and often walls, create contrast to the screen making it appear more outstanding.

Black suspended ceiling fitted with Black ceiling tiles
Black Ceiling tiles to make a space look smaller

While white is used to expand a space, black can be used to draw it in. This can be beneficial if you have a room that has very tall ceilings but feel it is too open and spacious. These rooms with high ceilings can sometimes feel unbalanced because over half the room, the top half, is bare compared to the bottom half with the furniture. Black ceilings can make the ceiling appear lower, thus making the space look smaller, more intimate and more balanced. Likewise, if the space is clearly under-furnished the black ceiling could become the centre of attention, thus taking the focus from the lack of furnishings.

Black Ceiling tiles to make a ceiling look taller

Now, you might be thinking “Wait a minute. That is the opposite of what was just said above.” To explain this apparent contradiction, imagine a room with the top section of the walls painted black, the same colour as the black ceiling tiles. This blurs the border between the ceiling and the wall. Therefore, when you cannot see where the wall finishes and the ceiling begins, it appears that the wall is higher.

This is great for resale as high ceilings are a valuable selling point when you decide to move on. Research indicates ceilings above the standard height give the feeling of more freedom and creativity. Just what a potential buyer wants to feel!

Hide mess behind Black Ceiling Tiles

Black ceiling tiles can hide a multitude of unsightly but necessary cables, pipes and ducts. This is particularly true in basements. In home theatres, black speakers and a projector can be mounted into the ceiling in such a way that they are barely noticeable. This will make the screen the focus of the room.

Use Black Ceiling Tiles to indulge your rebellious side

Black ceilings are exciting when compared to “soft-pedal” white ceilings? Imagine how provocative black ceiling tiles could be in your bedroom. You could your teenagers’ hero buy installing black ceiling tiles in their bedroom. They would be the envy of their friends. How cool would it be to have the inspiring black background on the ceiling as a canvas on which to display their favourite posters and photographs.

Instill a touch of drama

Black Ceiling Tiles can be used to spark architectural interest. They can create dramatic impact to your space. Get the edge before the trend takes off!

Match and or highlight other features of your space

Black ceiling tiles can be used to unify the look of a room which already has plentiful other black features within the space. For example, trims or some walls might already be black.

Imagine how sexy and daring a bedroom or even a bathroom would look with black ceilings AND black walls.

Black Ceiling tiles also match in very nicely when the rest of the décor is black and white.

Draw focus to your fantastic view!

If you are lucky enough to have an enviable view, make sure your colour scheme immediately directs attention to the breath-taking view.

Create an impressive demarcation

Open plan designs allow natural light to flow, giving a spacious feel to the space. It also allows for supervision of children in the other end of the space, perhaps in a play area. They are becoming increasing popular but can create a challenge when trying to distinguish one area from another.

An easy solution to this is install a block of black ceiling tiles above the area you want to distinguish from the rest.

Black ceiling tiles improving retail space

Black is underutilized in retail stores. A ceiling with black tiles is chic and bold and modern. It creates a welcoming environment while exuding confidence at the same time.

Retail stores typically have ceilings that are less than attractive. With careful planning and advice from your SCQ experts you can transform your store into something unique and special.

Make the most of Architectural Details

Your ceiling may already have some distinguishing characteristics before your revamp begins. Architectural elements built into your space need not be a negative factor. Why not highlight them? For example, if your space has beams on the ceiling for support do not despair. You have several options available to make the ceiling look amazing.

Drop your ceiling with a black suspended tile ceiling

Firstly, there is the opportunity to conceal the beams completely. This can be achieved by installing a suspended tile ceiling, in black of course to make a statement. The advantage of this choice is that other unsightly necessities such as pipes, ducts and security feeds will also be concealed. Black cameras and other necessary evils of any retail business will blend into the black background. This will draw your customers’ attention away from the infrastructure and back down onto your merchandise where you want them to be.

Don’t drop you ceiling

On the other hand, you may prefer not to have your entire ceiling height dropped by a fully suspended ceiling.

A great alternative is to use the beams as a feature and make the space even more stunning. Plasterboard bulkheads around the beams could serve as a framework or boarder around sections of black ceiling tiles. The bulkheads could be painted in black to match the tiles or even in white to contrast and form geometrical patterns across the ceiling.

Likewise, the black ceiling tiles could be installed into white grid for a dramatic patterned finish to the ceiling.

For a dramatic effect

A raked ceiling offers the opportunity to have the black ceiling tiles follow the roof trusses. This provides a chance to create interest as the pattern of the ceiling tiles can follow the roof trusses.

Another option to create a different look is to install the ceiling tiles on a 45-degree angle. This gives the ceiling a whole new dimension.

Even when the ceiling is flat, the black ceiling tiles can be installed in conjunction with plasterboard ceilings as an in-fill section, just to look fantastic.

Dimension in your store

Using black ceiling tiles combined with contrasting colours on walls and merchandise racks creates dimension in your store. Use colours to highlight sale items. The neutrality of the black ceiling will cause your customer’s eye to focus on the brighter colours and thus the merchandise.

Make ceilings look lower.

High ceilings can make a store look empty, as if the merchandise is meagre or understocked. This is not a look you want for your store. Black ceiling tiles will make the ceiling look lower, the store feel more cozy and the stock look adequate.

Commercial applications for Black ceiling tiles

There are limitless opportunities to make the most of black ceiling tiles in the commercial setting. Examples are in hospitality, meeting rooms, setting the stage in theatres, schools, calls centres and many more. We will cover just a few of these in more detail in this article.

Black Ceiling Tiles for Coffee Shops

The aim of a coffee shop is to create an intimate environment for conversation and good food and beverage. Black ceiling tiles create that snug atmosphere where customers feel comfortable. In addition to this, the bustle of a busy coffee shop can be tamed by installing ceiling tiles. These tiles will absorb the noise from the room and helps to promote that sort-after easy, relaxed atmosphere. Your SCQ acoustic tile expert will happily advise you on the class of tile best suited to your needs.

Ceiling Tiles for Call Centres and offices

Firstly, consider the needs of a phone operator. They need to be able to clearly hear the person they are speaking with and vice versa. Noise absorbing ceiling tiles will mask and muffler noise generated from other conversations.

The same is true for any office space. Effective acoustics directly correlates to increased productivity of the workforce. Likewise, productivity increases when the workforce has a quality workspace. Employees need to feel valued, comfortable and calm in their physical work setting to produce their best work. What better way to achieve this than to install black ceiling tiles? They produce a calm and cozy atmosphere, they decrease distractions and provide privacy by absorbing noise and they look great!

Black Ceiling Tiles – Summary

Black ceiling tiles are definitely a polarizing colour trend. However, a black ceiling may be the dramatic effect you never knew your space needed. It is a great way to brighten up a workspace, store or room in your home. The look is modern and will add an element of elegance and sophistication to any room. Black ceiling tiles are also great for schools, colleges and universities as well as shops and cinemas. 

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