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AMF THERMATEX Thermofon Tile Review

AMF THERMATEX Thermofon Tile Review

The AMF THERMATEX Thermofon tile is a low-density mineral tile with a painted acoustic fleece facing. It offers outstanding sound absorption values with high-grade appearance. Thermofon is particularly well-suited to open-plan offices or rooms with difficult acoustics due to excessive hard surfaces such as science laboratories. These tiles are 15mm thick. They have a cleanable fleece face and good acoustic performance.

AMF THERMATEX Thermofon Tile shown in white
My thoughts and experience with Thermofon

I am a contractor who deals with many clients who don’t yet know what want. It’s up to me to give the client options that can satisfy their needs. The glaring downside to most fine fissured acoustic tiles is that you can’t clean them. Thermofon easily shows dirt and once marked. Therefore you’re pretty much stuck replacing it to get that nice finish back again. The fleece finish on these tiles is actually cleanable. I’ve had to clean these tiles on site before. In other words, it’s great you can wipe them off.

The vast majority of my clients love the finish on AMF THERMATEX Thermofon as it is nearly always considered for their ceilings. Other similar products are simply not openly available at this price point. Above all, the big seller here is VALUE! What you get for the amount you pay.

As the contractor, I’m impressed by the high NRC value of these tiles, considering its price point. In other words with an NRC of.85 that’s definitely up there in terms of acoustic performance.

AMF THERMATEX Thermofon available in Black!

That’s right! we can get these tiles in matt black. Basically, it’s the same awesome tile no messy painting and with full warranty.

Tech Specs
  • Knauf AMF Thermatex Thermofon 15mm
    Finish: Smooth texture bio-soluble acoustical fleece
    Colour: White similar to RAL 9010 to match suspension system
    Sound Absorption: 0.85 NRC as per ASTM C423
    Sound Attenuation: 28dB Dn,c,w as per EN 20140-9
    Light Reflectance: 88%
    Humidity Resistance: RH 95%
    Clean Room Classification: ISO Class-4 as per ISO 14644-1
    Fire Resistance: Group 1 as per BCA Specification A2.4 (AS/NZS 3837)
    Country of manufacture: Germany
    Format: SK (Square Edge) 1200mm x 600mm x 15mm
Jobs we have used AMF THERMATEX Thermofon

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More Information

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    1. Each individual grid system has their own load ratings. Tiles are available from 6mm to 50mm think depending on the tile type. Usually thicker tile have better acoustic ratings, but not always. I have been meaning to reveiw some of the thicker tiles so they can be compared, but we’ve been extremely busy of late.

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