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Grid Ceiling in North Lakes for new rug store

Grid Ceiling in North Lakes.

My good friends at Decorug called me to install a new grid ceiling in North lakes at their new store. The ceiling height required was 3.6 metres minimum, however, the purlins were 9 m in the air!  Our client prefers the open industrial feel of a grid system without tiles, not a problem!

Wow that’s a high roof

I’d like to think at Suspended Ceilings QLD we are always striving to reach new heights, in this case over 9 metres! Fortunately, our staff hold EWP licenses and can operate electric scissor lifts to get us up to those purlins. We brought the larger lift inside. in the early hours of the morning to keep the public safe. Construction work is dangerous, especially with plant and equipment. To mitigate this SCQ performs higher risk tasks at times when the public isn’t nearby. Rondo suspension rod brackets then get fixed to the purlin and the rods hang directly from them. Due to the high roof, extensions to the rods were made using an approved Rondo joiner clip to reach the new ceiling height. The isn’t the first grid ceiling in North lakes we have done but it has the highest roof of all the jobs we have done so far.

Now the easy part

Standard wall angle then gets placed around the perimeter at the desired ceiling height using our rotating laser level. Squaring of the grid is done via a squaring line laser to ensure the grid is both straight and square. The rest of the ceiling grid is then a simple process of connecting all the components and leveling as we go.

The result is a stunning straight, level and square grid ceiling in North Lakes, that our client loves. It has the industrial feel they were looking for and is perfect for holding new lighting to showcase their products.

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Grid Ceiling in North Lakes built by Suspended Ceilings QLD

Grid Ceiling in North Lakes built by Suspended Ceilings QLD

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