Commerical Plastering

Suspended Ceilings Qld is more than just a ceiling specialist. We also have extensive experience in commercial office fit-outs,  partition wall systems, and commercial plastering. So for your next fit-out call us! we have you covered.

Steel Stud Partitions

A strong alternative to standard timber framing, steel stud partitions are quick and suit both internal and external walls (load bearing or not).  There is a variety of wall boards to suit your fire rating, acoustic and thermal requirements. The cavities are also easy to fill with insulation or to fit services within such as electrical and plumbing. All joins are plastered and left sanded by Suspended Ceilings Qld ready for painting.

Wall Linings

Plasterboards are fixed to steel battens or stuck directly onto masonry and allow services such as electrical and plumbing to be installed in the space behind leaving a clean and tidy flush finish.


Flush Set Bulkheads and Coffers

At Suspended Ceilings Qld we create all manner of bulkheads and ceilings. Curves, rakes, wave ceilings, recessed coffered lighting. We are known for our can-do attitude and bring your creative vision to life. You name it … we build it!

Curved Bulkhead Sunshine Coast built by Suspended Ceilings QLD
Curved Bulkhead Sunshine Coast built by Suspended Ceilings QLD

Mobile Plasterboard Repairs & Patches
Hole in plasterboard wall that requires patching

We repair holes in plasterboards with anything from a cricket ball sized hole to a car-sized hole in the garage. It happens to the best of us and we are here to repair it good as new.

Home Plastering Renovations

We make your plastering vision reality! From a simple bathroom, adding that extra room or adding bulkheads with flair and style. It’s not just a house .. it’s your house and that matters to us.

CFC Cladding

Express joint CFC is fast growing in popularity due to its high durability, long lifespan, and clean line finish. We have the experience necessary to provide the finish you deserve.