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AMF THERMATEX Star Tiles Review

AMF THERMATEX Star Tiles Review

AMF THERMATEX Star ceiling tiles are a painted, micro-perforated mineral wool ceiling tile, with excellent physical properties in fire resistance and acoustic performance. Not to mention Thermatex Star also provides a budget-conscious option with good acoustic performance. In addition, Thermatex Star tiles are versatile enough to be used anywhere. Retail showrooms and basic offices are great places to make use of AMF Star.

My thoughts and experience with THERMATEX® Star

I am a contractor who deals with many clients who don’t yet know what want. It’s up to me to give the client options that can satisfy their needs.  Every ceiling tile manufacturer has their economy range acoustic ceiling tiles. Generally speaking, I consider most to be very similar in terms of acoustic performance. This, of course, is in direct relation to the price the consumer pays for the tile. Like all-economy range tiles, Star has a flat painted finish that looks good however, marks easily.

Star is priced very cost-effectively, considering other options out there. This means that replacement isn’t an expensive excise if you suffer damage or excessive marking. Clients tend to prefer acoustic tiles with finer fissures over deeper more course fissures. This is where the star truly shines! Its fissure pattern is finer and more sparse than the majority of its competitors at that price point. Based on public opinion this is the preferred pattern for economy tiles. In over 50 percent of projects, we do, aesthetics is an important consideration for the client.

As a matter of fact, the vast majority of my clients love the outstanding value of AMF THERMATEX Star as it is nearly always considered for their ceilings. Basically, other similar products are simply not openly available at this price point with the same sparse fissure pattern. Above all, the big seller here is VALUE! What you get for the amount you pay.

Consequently, the value is what really stands out here for me. Especially considering its price point. In other words, You get nice fine fissures, and furthermore you get good acoustic performance as well.

AMF THERMATEX Star Tiles 15mm and 15 and19mm complete versions show
AMF THERMATEX® Star available in 19mm Complete Version

That’s right! we can get these tiles in the higher CAC complete versions…  Basically, it’s the same finish, but with higher CAC values.

Tech Specs


Sound Absorption: 0.60 NRC as per ISO C423

Sound Attenuation: 36CAC as per ASTM E413-1

Group 1 to AS5637.1:2015

Size: 1200 x 600mm (other sizes on request)

Jobs we have used AMF THERMATEX Star

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