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Armstrong Black Ceiling Tiles (Optra) Review

Optra in depth

Armstrong black ceiling tiles are here and are formally known as Optra. Currently, this is the main black ceiling panel available from Armstrong. A prefinshed black tile is always preferable to a white tile painted black. This is due to potential sagging and non-consistent surface when painting on site. Furthermore whilst a black tile is a higher purchase price than a white tile, it rarely outweighs the cost of a white tile plus painting.

Another point worth noting is that Armstrong black ceiling tiles are compressed glass wool, not mineral fibre. Therefore when comparing to other black ceiling panels, Boral Sky Rock, would be the closest tile that comes to mind. The tile is incredibly lightweight, so it’s important to check with your local Armstrong rep when checking backloads.

Armstrong black ceiling tiles (optra) in Armstrong black ceiling grid

Optra has an NRC rating of .90 which is excellent. In the 25mm version it’s .95, even better! Therefore, Optra would be excellent at helping to improve acoustics within a given space. It’s worth noting that whilst the NRC rating is quite high the CAC isn’t advertised so check first if external noise is a concern.

So to sum it up, why would we buy the Armstrong black ceiling tile? Firstly, It looks good and it’s a finished product straight out of the box. Secondly, it’s lightweight, easy to cut and install. Thirdly, it has a good warranty, when used in conjunction with the Armstrong ceiling grid. Finally it has a large percentage of recycled content which is never a bad thing. Nice tile and worth a look if you want black.

Armstrong black ceiling tile tech specs

  • Colour: Black RAL9005
  • Material: Biosoluble glass wool
  • Surface Finish: factory-applied vinyl latex paint with sealed edges
  • NRC 15mm: 0.90
  • *NRC 20mm: 0.90
  • NRC 25mm: 0.95 (Only available upon request)
  • Moisture resistance: RH95% at 4c to 30c
  • Thermal Insulation R value of armstrong black ceiling tile: 0.47m2kw
  • Weight 15mm: 1.68kgs/m2
  • Weight for 20mm: 2.18kgs/m2
  • Backloading recommendation: Please contact your local Armstrong rep

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