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Armstrong black ceiling grid review

Armstrong’s black grid… a closer look.

Armstrong black ceiling grid is an off the shelf exposed grid ceiling system. Obviously, the primary point of difference here is that it’s black and not white like most ceiling grids. So what’s the big deal? I’ve seen black ceiling grid before.

Most people don’t realise a large percentage of the black exposed grid ceilings out there are white systems painted black. The fact that this product is finished is the point of difference. Existing ceiling grid isn’t easy to paint. Firstly if you paint it with the tiles in the grid it sticks the tiles to the grid. Consequently, this makes it difficult to exchange tiles, which is really the whole idea of using an exposed grid. Furthermore, if you paint the grid without the tiles in, that’s a lot of wasted paint. Unless of course, you paint it with a brush, which generally has an inferior finish.

Armstrong Black ceiling grid Detail
Pictured Armstrong Black Mainbar, cross tee and wall angle

You can purchase 3.6m main bars, 1200mm and 600mm cross tees, as well a black wall angle. This allows you to have either a 1200mm x 600mm or 600mm x 600mm configuration.

Armstrong black ceiling grid underside view
Armstrong black ceiling grid visible junction

The lipped edge on the t bars allows a smoother finish across the system. It also help eliminate T bar twisting which is visible from below.

Armstrong grid connection detail
Armstrong T bar connection detail

Cross tees engage nicely with an audible snap, which makes life easier for the installer. If you hear the click, you’re in. The last thing anyone wants is a T bar falling out.

Black grid fitted with optra black
Armstrong black grid fitted with Black Optra

Satin finish always looks good and pairs well with tiles such as Optra. Black grid also looks smart when paired with timber ceiling panels.

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