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Timber ceiling panels now available

Perforated timber ceiling tile

A bit about timber tiles

Timber ceiling panels are now available for order to fit your exposed grid ceiling.  Using timber creates a beautiful natural look to your ceiling and really turns it into a talking point of the room. Timber is making a big come back and it’s not uncommon to be asked what timber features are available when choosing finishes. With many cladding options though, you lose your access to the ceiling space. In a commercial environment, it’s usually preferred to have access to the ceiling cavity for when needs change. With timber ceiling panels installed in an exposed grid, you get the best of both worlds. You get that natural timber look, with the flexibility of an exposed grid system.

Timber ceiling panel

Precut and ready to install

Timber ceiling panels are precut with clearance. This means they are ready to install in metric exposed ceiling grid systems. These tiles are used as a replacement in an existing ceiling, or as part of a new install. With brand new installs timber panels always stand out when used with a black exposed ceiling grid.

Perforated timber ceiling tile

Perforated Timber panels available

The perforated timber ceiling panels come in a wide range of configurations. Firstly, you have the slotted version with neat rounded ends. Secondly, you have large round holes evenly spaced. Finally, you have the small holed variant. All of the perforated range have a black scrim glued to the back face. This prevents debris from falling through the ceiling cavity over time. Furthermore, it creates a clean look hiding all the services from view. These tiles also come in a wide range of different coloured stains.

timber ceiling panel colours

Wide range of ceiling panel colours

A huge range of colours and stains are available with these timber ceiling panels. This is great, because no matter your colour scheme there’s something for everyone. They are also available in a natural, unstained look with a clear coat.

Looks awesome in black ceiling grid

timber tile in blakc ceiling grid

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