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Acoustic ceiling tile review

THERMATEX Acoustic is a mineral ceiling tile made from a special perforated board with an acoustic fleece facing. The perforations provide excellent sound absorption while the fleece offers a smooth, elegant surface finish. The combination of high density, bio-soluble mineral wool with clay and starch provides excellent physical characteristics, particularly for acoustic performance. The high-NRC and high-CAC mean that excellent room-to-room privacy is maintained as well as in-room acoustic comfort.

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So where would you use it?

Use for general learning areas in classrooms, corporate offices and medical centres.  There are several reasons why these tiles are used. Firstly, Acoustic ceiling tile has an excellent NRC rating. This means it’s great for learning environments, call centres, commercial offices and conference rooms.


Secondly, it’s high CAC rating provides excellent privacy from external noises. This makes it highly suited to applications where privacy is a concern. Many people don’t consider external noises when selecting an acoustic ceiling tile. There’s no point controlling the noise in your space, only to hear unwanted noise from the office next door or the floor above. Sure you can install baffles above walls etc, but why not start with a better tile?

Looks and cleaning

Finally, the fleece finish on the tile in my (and many others) opinion looks better than a fine fissured variant. Furthermore, most fine fissured tiles can’t be cleaned once dirty. So basically dirty fingerprints or a squashed spider is there for life. Never a good look! That is not the case with this tile. I personally have had to clean these particular acoustic ceiling tiles on-site and had good success.

Tech Specs

  • Sound Absorption: 0.70 NRC as per ISO C423
  • Attenuation: Up to 42 CAC as per ASTM E413-1
  • Sound Insulation: Rw22
  • Fire: Group 1 to AS5637.1:2015
  • Green ate: Global GreenTag – Level A
  • Size: 1200 x 600mm (other sizes on request)
  • Common edge types: square, TE

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