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Armstrong Ultima Ceiling Tiles Review

Armstrong Ultima ceiling tiles are the standard tile specified in Australian schools. So what’s the big deal? What’s so special about this tile, let’s find out!


  • Ultima has a high sound absorption, which results in reduced Reverberation and quieter spaces.
  • It has high sound attenuation, which reduces the need to have full-height walls.
  • Armstong Ultima+ has an RH99 humidity resistance rating
  • Features Durabrite scratch resistant paint
  • It has a new smoother finely textured finish
  • High light-reflective finish for a brighter space
  • Armstong Ultima is sustainable and has a green state contribution
Armstrong Ultima visible face picture

Armstrong Ultima Specs

  • NRC .70
  • CAC 41
  • RH99%
  • Available in square lay in, angled tegular, micro look 90 degrees and k2c2 edge.
  • 5.21 kg/m2
  • Thermal insulation value .40m2K/W
Armstong Ultima specs

So what’s that all mean?

Firstly first let’s talk about the Armstrong Ultima NRC and CAC values. Being .7 and 41 respectively that’s a solid performing tile by anyone’s standards. What this means is that not only does it control noise in the room it’s installed in, it help prevent external noise from entering that space. This makes it ideal for a classroom environment, hence why it’s the standard for many Australian schools. Many mainstream tiles can come close to that NRC rating, but that CAC rating is the big standout difference. In turn, this makes Armstrong Ultima great for use in spaces where you want privacy such as boardrooms and professional offices.

Secondly, I want to talk about the face of the tile. Due to my business dealing with many regular business owners rather than architects, I get an insight into what look people like. Generally speaking, my clients always prefer the smooth finishes on tiles like these. Furthermore, the brighter finish always seems to make the space brighter, which is great for offices and learning environments.

In conclusion, this is a very nice tile with its finish acoustic properties, finish and edge options available. The primary consideration for me is value and whether your space warrants spending the extra to get a tile like this. If it sounds like Armstrong Ultima might suit your space give us a call at suspended ceilings QLD and we can arrange a sample for you.

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