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Need a plasterer in Brisbane?

So you need a plasterer in Brisbane and don’t know where to start. Start with Suspended Ceilings QLD.

So what makes a good plasterer?

Firstly, it always helps if the plasterer you choose has a lot of experience. The more experience they have, the greater the ability to make odd challenges look good. It’s common sense if someone has dealt with a certain challenge in the past, they can use that skill on your project too. Steve has over 20 years of experience as a plasterer in Brisbane. He has also had projects completed by him gain awards at the highest level. Furthermore, all junior staff are trained by tradesmen with 10 years of experience or greater. This ensures your job gets the high level of finish it deserves. Furthermore, this also safeguards the quality of future generations of plasterers.

Plastering done by a plasterer in Brisbane.

Secondly, a commercial plasterer in Brisbane is well equipped to deal with a wide variety of challenges. Whether your project is a kitchen, bathroom, high-end house or even a commercial fit-out, SCQ has you covered.

The big thing I feel that sets us apart from other businesses is our integrity. We understand that your project means something to you and give it the respect it deserves. It’s the way a business behaves when no one is watching. At Suspended Ceilings QLD we pride ourselves on delivering only compliant work. As a plasterer in Brisbane there has been many a time when we have declined a project based on an owner requesting us to do such work. We build it once and do it properly the first time!

Shop around until your happy!

Also remember everybody is different and shop around until you find a plasterer you are comfortable is going to suit your needs. There is more than one plasterer in Brisbane. Don’t be afraid to seek a second opinion/quote if you aren’t comfortable with the first. So if you feel we can assist with your next project, reach out for a chat.

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