Armstrong Ceiling Tile Range

The Armstrong ceiling tile range offers a wide range of quality tiles to suit a range of budgets. They have built a brand that stands for quality and innovation Armstrong offer excellent warranties and are the most commonly specified tile we encounter.

A bit about Armstrong

Thomas m Armstrong founded Armstrong world industries in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania in 1860. Armstrong is well known across the globe and have a strong presence in the US.

Armstrong Ceiling Tile range
Armstrong Ceiling Tile range

Some of the Armstrong ceiling tiles we use


Optra is a fibreglass fleece coated tile that comes in both black and white. It offers a range of benefits. Firstly, it’s available in black as a standard off the shelf item. Consequently, this means lower purchase price and shorter lead times. Furthermore, we feel it has the darkest black finish of the black tiles on the market.

Optra is also available in Black!

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The Armstrong ceiling tile called Ultima has earned it’s place as the ‘school tile’. It is more often than not the common education spec ceiling tile. This is largely due to it’s smooth, white finish and excellent acoustics. Ultima is available in several sizes and edge types to suit a wide variety of formats.

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Fine Fissured

The fine fissured Armstrong ceiling tile is arguably one of the most popular ceiling panels in Australia. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, fine fissured is an acoustic mineral fibre tile that performs well acoustically. Secondly, it is available in a wide variety of edge types. Thirdly, these tiles are available in imperial sizing here in Australia. Finally, It offers good value for money.

Most popular Armstrong ceiling tile we use the Fine Fissured

Dune and Dune MAX

Dune and Dune MAX are a lightly textured faced Armstrong ceiling tile. They are white and colour and have a sandy feel to them. Some people love that sand textured look. Fortunately, there’s a few to choose from. Firstly, you have different edge types. Secondly, you have different thicknesses. Consequently, this gives a few different acoustic values to suit different applications. Finally, Dune comes in a few different sizes to suit varied layouts.


The Perla Armstrong ceiling tile is growing in popularity recently and we are seeing it being used on a regular basis. It has exceptional NRC values even higher than some of its competitors at the time of writing. Furthermore, it’s ultra-smooth finish is sought after as being a more modern tile finish. It comes in thicknesses ranging from 15mm to 18mm. Henceforth, this assists in keeping costs down vs thicker tile types and retaining that lovely smooth finish.

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