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Drop ceiling…Wait, what’s that?

So what is a drop ceiling?

You’ve heard of a drop ceiling, yeah? But what is it? You have most likely heard of it but not realised it’s basically another term for a suspended ceiling. Stretch ceilings, false ceilings, T Bar ceilings… all other common names used to described the same thing. It’s a ceiling that sits below the roof (or the from the floor above if you are in a multi level building).

There’s more than one type too.

Drop ceilings come in a few different types.

The most common is an exposed grid drop ceiling. You will find this type of ceiling most commonly in a 1200mm x 600mm layout using an exposed T bar interlocking system. This system is the most common layout we build. New or existing services fit best and easiest into this layout. This makes it popular for a lot of commercial spaces including most office fitouts. Especially given it is easy to change tiles at a later date to give you a new look or simply to access the services in the cavity above. The large variety tiles that fit into this layout leave you with many choices for the look of your drop ceiling. There are mineral fibre tiles, timber tiles, plaster tiles, acoustic tiles…the list goes on.

Next, you have concealed grid drop ceilings. Metal framework is sheeted over with plasterboard and flush set. Whilst a concealed grid can produce impressive effects consisting of angles, curves and shapes it has a couple of downsides. Firstly, it requires painting unlike the prefinished tiles in an exposed grid ceiling. But with this type of ceiling you have the extra time and expense of painting to achieve the desired finish. Secondly, you cannot access or repair your services with anywhere as much ease even with access panels installed. All of this can lead to expensive repairs.

Lastly, you’ve got stretch drop ceilings. These ceilings are created by stretching a membrane across a perimeter track. This produces a seamless ceiling surface (most commonly a large scene or picture creating an amazing looking ceiling). But…yes there’s always a but! Don’t expect a great acoustic result from these stretch drop ceilings and expect a less than easy time with repairs.

Drop ceiling, exposed grid, before tile installation

drop ceiling, exposed grid, with tiles installed.

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