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New Drop Ceiling in Brisbane

New Drop Ceiling in Brisbane.

The Challenge.

I was contacted by a popular rug retailer about modifying an existing drop ceiling in Brisbane’s southern suburbs. The existing ceiling was too low to house the large rug racks used by the retailer. After investigating the existing ceiling it was discovered that multiple sections did not comply to Australian Standards. The hangers exceeded maximum spacing, the purlin anchors were of old design, hangers were missing or suspended by data cable and grid disengaged and held together with zip ties.

(I will write a separate blog post regarding the non compliances in the old ceiling and the implications that can have).

Upon discussing it with the client, there was no hesitation in completely replacing the ceiling grid at the new height, to ensure the safety of their clients and staff.

Tile ceiling in capalaba before
Tile ceiling in capalaba before
The Solution.

Existing tiles have been removed and inspected to see what could be reused. Tiles that were still in good condition were cleaned and stacked ready to be reused. The existing grid and wall angle was then carefully removed.  Brand new metal L wall angle was then installed at the new ceiling height. All of the existing hangers were replaced with new rods and purlin brackets, to comply with the building code. New USG Boral exposed metal 1200 x 600 ceiling grid was then installed at the new ceiling height. To deliver the job in a timely fashion we had to work in with other trades to maximise the amount of progress in a given day. Upon completion of the grid, the now clean old tiles were re-installed with new tiles used for the balance of the area.

Tile Ceiling in Capalaba
Tile Ceiling in Capalaba
In Conclusion

The end result was a new looking ceiling at the one height. This gives more space and allows full functionality of the shop. The ceiling is now compliant to Australain standards keeping both staff and public safe.

It was great to work with a client that put the safety of his staff and customers first over cost. Having had repeat business with this client now, I have learned that not only do they take safety seriously. They also have the same ethic towards the products they sell, quality comes first!

Another great result by Suspended Ceilings QLD.

Drop ceiling in Brisbane
Drop tile ceiling in Brisbane

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