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Curved Bulkhead on the Sunshine Coast

Curved Bulkhead on the Sunshine Coast built by Suspended Ceilings QLD

The challenge.

The client contacted me regarding installing a suspended ceiling with a curved bulkhead.  He wanted to update his rental unit to modernize it including retiling, moving walls and air conditioning units and concealing services in a new ceiling. The challenges involved creating a new look that could accommodate new services. However due to space restrictions we had minimal space to suspend the ceiling.

The solution.

This ceiling was constructed from Rondo .5mm steel and suspended with 6mm threaded rod masonry anchors. A Rondo 239 clip is then spun on and then levelled with the Dewalt line laser. Check out my review of the laser. dewalt-dce089d1g-xe-review

The client and I marked out the desired curves and framed in Rondo steel. the perimeter edges are constructed from 28mm wall track. This helps keep the lines of the ceiling/wall junctions nice and straight.

The ceiling was then sheeted in 13mm plasterboard and flush set. The ceiling had more butt joins than I would normally like due to size restrictions on getting sheets to the upper levels. Butt joins are always a challenge due to glancing light issues. To combat this we use a large trowel and float out both sides of the joint to minimize any issues after painting.

Since the unit overlooks the ocean, all trims used were PVC and not metal to prevent rusting. I used PVC tear away was on the bulkhead/concrete junction points. Flexible PVC adjustable curving external is used on the bottom of the curve.

Both bathrooms have had walls moved and changed.  The client has a building background so he changed the wall framing and resheeted the bathrooms. I then flush set the bathrooms ready for sanding and painting.

Suspended Ceilings QLD specialise in all things ceilings. We do bulkheads both big and small. For commercial applications were plans are available we can get the curves computer cut to make sure you get the exact curves intended.

For more information on Rondo products we install visit the Rondo Website



Curved Bulkhead Sunshine Coast built by Suspended Ceilings QLD
Curved Bulkhead on the Sunshine Coast built by Suspended Ceilings QLD

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