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Ceiling fitout breathes new life into exisiting paint store

Ceiling fitout in Brisbane

The job

I had a call from an Australian based company regarding a ceiling fitout and partitions specialist, for a fit out in south Brisbane. The job entailed demolition of existing offices, new 7m high partitions, ceiling modifications  and drywall sheeting and flush setting.  The area being demolished had heavy structural steel in the, with sizable timber beams. This presented challenges demolishing the offices in a safe and efficient manner. The existing ceiling grid was of Rondo manufacture and had been not only put in out of square, but had to be released when removing the existing office space. Separating the area into 2 distinct spaces had its own challenges, due to the 7 metres from floor to ceiling.


ceiling fitout in demolition phase
Ceiling Fitout mid demolition phase
The build

In order to remove the existing office safely, elevating work platforms were used to carry the load of removed materials. materials were then safely lowered to the ground for disposal in the EWP. The new dividing wall is of Rondo metal design and is constructed of Heavy gauge 150mm stud with matching Deflection head track. Several rows of noggins were also installed to stop studs from bowing. The wall was then sheeted in 10mm plaster one side, flush set and sanded. MDF was sheeted onto the warehouse side of the wall in an attempt to deflect damage from daily warehouse activities.

The existing rondo ceiling was extended to meet the new wall and into the space where the old office was. Straightening the ceiling was challenging due to it’s weight from still having tiles install to sections. With some old fashioned muscle mixed with new laser technology, the ceiling was levelled, straightened and squared. Vinyl plasterboard tiles were then installed to make up the balance of remaining tiles for a ceiling effectively good as new.¬†

Ceiling Fitout once Complete
Ceiling Fitout once Complete


The Results

Well a picture tells a thousand words, the shop looks great with everyone happy. Call CSQ for you next fitout and see what we can do for you.

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