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AMF Thermatex fine Stratos ceiling tile review

AMF Thermatex fine Stratos ceiling tiles are a fine fissured 15mm acoustic mineral fibre tile. The sandy, rough finish is the big point of difference from the rest of AMF’s lineup. Most manufacturers have a rough finish tile in their lineup. So let’s have a look a see where we might use a tile like this.


AMF Thermatex fine Stratos has a rough sandy like finish. 120 grit sandpaper painted white would be a good way to describe what this tile feels like. Stratos is very difficult to clean once marked compared to other tile types. Lower ceiling heights show these marks and the sandy finish more than higher ceilings.

AMF Thermatex fine stratos ceiling tiles face
Fine Stratos tile face closeup


Acoustically AMF Thermatex fine Stratos has an NRC rating of .55. Firstly, this isn’t a standout NRC rating. There are numerous other ceiling panel options out there that surpass this. For example, AMF star has a higher rating, for a significant cost saving. Furthermore, for the same price, you can get tiles which are acoustically better than the Stratos.

AMF Thermatex fine stratos sample
AMF Thermatex fine stratos tile samples available on request


The bottom line here is you would only buy this tile unless you love the sandy look. Considering, the price you pay for this tile I feel it doesn’t offer good value for money. Stratos is difficult to cut and drops grains when installing. Furthermore, if you want to clean this tile….. forget it! Finally, Acoustically there are multiple other options on the market that I feel are better value for money. You could use the AMF star and save money. Thermofon and star complete are in the same price range and offer several advantages over the AMF Thermatex fine stratos.

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