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Water-resistant ceiling tile review

Water-resistant ceiling tiles haven’t been a readily available option… until now. Knauf AMF thermatex Aquatech ceiling tiles are a water-resistant ceiling panel. They are available in 1200 x 600 square edge format and fit in any 1200 x 600 exposed suspended ceiling grid systems. However, it’s worth noting, that an aluminium grid would be better in some cases for rust prevention.

A great example of a space where Aquatech could be used

Before water-resistant ceiling tiles what was used in the past?

Previously, in wet areas. Concealed grid ceilings are/have been the go-to choice in wet areas. Wet area plasterboard is popular sheeting choice here. However, flush set ceilings have limited access and arent always suited to many spaces. Exposed grid ceilings are versatile and provide easy access for services. Furthermore, lighting options are both cost-effective and flexible. In addition ceiling based air conditioning system hide above the grid and outlets fit neatly in the drop ceiling grid.

Knauf AMF thermatex aquatec Water-resistant ceiling tile.
AMF Thermatex Aquatech ceiling tile

So what’s good about AMF Knauf Thermatex Aquatec Water-resistant ceiling panels anyway?

Firstly, It’s an acoustic ceiling tile. Aquatec has a high NRC rating of .90. This NRC rating is high based on other tiles out there. Most standard acoustic ceiling tiles only have an NRC rating between 0.6 and 0.7. Aquatec’s CAC rating isn’t as good as some other 19mm tiles on the market. Therefore, if you are looking to reduce flanking noise as well additional insulation may be required.

Secondly, the fleece finish is cleanable. Most marks simply wipe off these tiles. Compared to most tiles on the market this is a nice change.

Finally, Aquatec Water-resistant ceiling tiles look great! No little holes, Our clients love the end finish. So if you have a space with moisture that needs a ceiling, give us a call.

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