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Plastering Defects and how to avoid them.

Plastering defects, what are they and how do we avoid them. I recently repaired a family members house of only around 8 years old. The joint tapes have released on every ceiling join with the builder going insolvent and left in the cold. I contacted the plasterboard manufacturer who immediately deflected any blame onto the installer so back to square one. So no warranty, so they wear the cost of replastering, plus the cost of repainting. Not cool!

So whats happened here?

All ceiling tapes have delaminated and let go. What’s the cause of these plastering defects? Well, that’s difficult to determine. Ceilings are back blocked as per specification, so that scrubs that idea. Furthermore, the roof has Anticon over eliminating that issue. At best guess I’m assuming either compound failure or incorrect compound. Whilst this is best guess, based on my experience it would make sense.

In recent times there has been an increase in the use of premixed compounds. Premixed compounds are both fast and easy. Are they as good for avoiding plastering defects? Based on my experience no they aren’t. Furthermore, using the correct premix compound also impacts on the final result. Using a topcoat where you should be using a base coat is never a good idea. Henceforth, it’s critical your plasterer has the skills to apply the plaster, but also the integrity to use the compounds they should be.

an example of plastering defects, with the tape letting go in a ceiling
Example of a joint tape failing

So what’s the big lesson here to avoid plastering defects?

Have it done right!… the first time! As in the case of my family member, it can very extremely difficult to work fixed after it’s complete and paid for. Chances are you won’t even realise it’s not up to scratch before it’s too late. make sure you check your plasterer has a QBCC licence. QBCC has a licence checking tool on their website you check to make sure they are licenced. Ask for references and spend the time to check to see if they are as good as they claim.

The beginnings of a tape failing a sure sign of plastering defects

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