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How to get a suspended ceiling price

So you need a suspended ceiling price for your project? Can you get a price over the phone? Unfortunately, more often than not, it’s not quite that simple. If you call a suspended ceilings contractor and they give you a price over the phone without asking any questions you should be extremely wary.

So why can’t I just get a price easily over the phone?

Put simply it’s because not all ceilings are the same. To give an accurate suspended ceiling price we need all the information to determine the exact specifics of your job. It is common for some contractors to provide on the surface quotes and charge hidden costs at a later date. Variations are definitely a trap many contractors use so be very cautious if they aren’t asking you questions.

suspended ceiling price
So what do we need to know to give you an accurate price?
  • Firstly we need to know where the job is. This affects the price of materials, delivery costs, and labor, which in turn affect your final suspended ceiling price.
  • Secondly, what type of building is the project in? Can we get access with EWP or will scaffolding be required?
  • Thirdly, what products do you want to use? There are over 80 choices of ceiling panels alone. Not to mention adding flush set options into the mix where the possibilities become endless.

We also need to consider:-

  • What are the perimeter walls made of? 
  • What does your ceiling height need to be?
  • A big determining factor in your suspended ceilings price is your purlin or substrate. This is what your suspension rods are connected to. Many people forget a suspended ceiling needs to hang off something. There are codes and standards as to what we can suspend off, which can drastically affect the final price of the ceiling. 
  • Does your project have any seismic considerations?

As you can see there is a lot to think about when building a suspended ceiling.

This seems a lot, can I make this easier?

Yes, you can! There are two things you can do to make the quoting process easier resulting in an accurate suspended ceiling price.  Firstly, you can have a set of plans drawn up so we know exactly what you require. Secondly, pick up the phone and give one of our staff a call to come to do a site measure and assist with your inquiry.

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