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CSR territory cladding review

CSR Territory is an external cladding, which is waterproof, prefinished and above all looks, in my opinion, first class. CSR Designer Series is the previous name of the system. I was always a fan of Designer Series and Territory is CSR’s new re-branded version. New patterns and styles, same great product. Whilst I can pick a vertical joint, I am unable to pick horizontal joins even when I know where they are. My grandmother saw the samples on my desk on a visit and expressed interest in installing it on her unit. I’ll run through a few of the install details below.

Old cladding before install
Old cladding, rotted, needs to be removed before CSR Territory can be installed.

The 4.5mm external cladding was definitely in need of replacement as it had rotted. Water damaged the ceilings inside after it leaked through the old cladding. It was necessary to remove the existing boards and dispose of them in a safe manner. Then we applied a foil-based wrap over the wall studs. This in turn prevents moisture from entering the ceiling cavity.

CSR territory after install
New CSR Territory installed and looking great


CSR Territory comes in packs of 2. The board had ample padding to prevent scratches and damage which is nice. Firstly we installed starter strips. Secondly, we cut the sheets to length using a vacuum extracted diamond saw. Dust inhalation is hazardous. Therefore we wear fitted dust masks. We use retainer clips and screw them over the top edge of the sheet and into the stud to lock the panel in place. We continue this until we reach the top. First, we seal off the edges. Timber quad is the used to trim around the perimeter.

CSR territory range
CSR Territory range

CSR Territory comes in a wide variety of styles, and colours. Starter strips and prefinished corners are also available for external joins.

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