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Autex Quietspace review

Autex Quietspace is a product I first encountered years ago in a private school project. Its bright and vivid colours attracted my attention initially. I remember thinking to myself, wow the kids would really love this colour scheme. Henceforth, let’s have look at what it is and where to use it.

Where to use it

Autex quietspace is well suited to a variety of applications. Firstly, wall covering is an ideal spot to use it. This is due to its exceptional absorption of reverberated noise. Secondly, Quietspace is great for direct fixing to ceilings. Thirdly, retail and commercial areas are ideal. Obviously, schools and learning spaces can make solid use of the product. Finally, decorative custom cuts are available as a feature item.

Nice features

Autex Quietspace is comprised of 100 % polyester fibre. Furthermore, recycled fibre is used in it’s production. It’s nice to see a manufacturer taking sustainability seriously. Every little bit helps. In addition, I find polyester less irritable on my skin than other glass wool products. Furthermore, you can retrofit this panel. How does that help? You can add it to an existing space without demolishing half your ceiling and walls. Consequently, your saving time, mess and money. All winning factors in my book.

The main reason I like the product

The primary reasons I like Autex Quietspace are as follows. Firstly it looks good. Secondly, it looks good. Finally, you got it, I think it looks good! The colours and flexible install options allow endless possibilities when it comes to installs. It not only performs but adds a feature at the same time.

Autex quietspace product range
Autex quietspace sample collection

A few tech specs

  • Thicknesses available: 25mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm
  • Composition: 100% Polyester Fibre
  • Panel dimensions: 1220mm x 2440mm
  • Tolerance +5mm x +10mm
  • 25mm: 0.85 50mm: 1.00 75mm: 1.00 100mm: 1.00
  • Product Weight
  • 25mm: 2300gsm 50mm: 3800gsm 75mm: 4050gsm 100mm: 4300gsm
  • Thermal performance as tested by Autex lab (at 15 degrees celcius)
  • 25mm R 0.6 50mm R 1.4 75mm R 1.9 100mm R 2.4

Useful links

Autex website

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