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Mezzanine ceiling in a warehouse

Mezzanine ceiling is the term used to describe a ceiling either above a “Mez” floor or suspended underneath it. A “Mez” floor is a great way to create more space. So why would one of these floors benefit from a ceiling? Air conditioning is the main reason people get a suspended ceiling. Reducing the volume in the space helps reduce heating and cooling costs. Furthermore, suspended ceilings are ideal for the installation of led light panels. These light panels are both cost-effective to purchase and run. As a result, you have a space both practical and looks great.

The upper floor is the most commonplace for a mezzanine ceiling. However, this isn’t always the case. A ceiling below the Mez floor offers the same benefits as one above. The only real difference is the suspension substrate point for fixing. Under the floor it common to find timber joists. With timber the fixing type changes, but the method remains the same.

warehouse roof purlins before ceiling installation
The underside of the roof before suspended ceiling install

Mez ceiling in Brisbane

The project pictured is a mezzanine ceiling built-in a Brisbane warehouse. AMF white ceiling exposed ceiling grid has been installed in a 1200 x 600 format. Long leg wall angle surrounds the perimeter to allow for extra movement from the tilt panels. This area will have sewing machines operating on most days. Henceforth, we chose an acoustic mineral fibre ceiling tile. These acoustic ceiling tiles in the mezzanine ceiling help control noise and allow for easier communication between staff.

As a side note, our client wanted to have his floors sanded and walls clear coat finshed. Our good friend Ben from Dovetail Project Solutions provided the answers and really delivered for the client. I have been building ceilings for over 20 years and in that time have met some very capable tradespeople. My point is if we can’t help you with a particular solution, chances are I know someone who can. In other words, we are here to help.

Mezzanine ceiling
Mezzanine ceiling at completion

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