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Plastering on the Sunshine Coast

Plastering on the Sunshine Coast at  property Ceo’s holiday home

A high profile Sunshine Coast Ceo gave me a call to do some plastering on the Sunshine coast at his holiday home. He was on a timeline to get his granny flat ready for a visit from his family. The job entailed both sheeting and flush setting in a satellite granny flat near the main house. The walls needed to be sheeted then flush set and sanded to a smooth finish ready for painting.  There was a pre-exisiting rendered archway to be finshed smooth. The client also required we cut around all the beams and then flush set neatly around them.

Archway plastering on Shine Coast holiday home

Sheeting was done by my Dad Trevor and brother Tyson. Being rendered the sheets were stuck on using an approved masonary adhesive. Care must be taken when applying sheets this way to ensure the flattest finish possible.  The same process was used to put plaster around the archway, leaving clearance for the setting trims that need to be applied later. Beads on the archway consists of PVC full flexible external bead, rather than the traditional arch bead. I feel this is a stronger more long term choice, hence why I used those trims.

Flush setting around beams and reveal beads around existing doors

Reveal beads and tearaway beads have been used around the doorways and beams to give straight clean lines. This can be done by “flat taping” and modifying normal external beads, however using the right beads always gives a better finish. Over the years a wide range of reveal beads have been released. This is great for consumers, resulting in better finishes all round.


Sometimes I really love my job! What a View!


The Sunshine Coast truly is an amazing place, I love working in places like this. At Suspended ceilings QLD we work all over Queensland giving us the opportunity to work with backdrops like this.


Plastering on the Sunshine Coast
Text I received about my dad Trevor when he was out on a job for me.
Another Happy Customer!

The client was very happy with his renovation, which is always very rewarding for me as a business owner. Thanks to my dad Trevor on this project. This guy is amazing and still teaches me things to this day. He turns 60 this year and still putting the young people to shame, I think I’ll have to find this class act another tower job to supervise.

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