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My dad the very definition of a quality tradesman

My dad the very definition of a quality tradesman!

Considering the banter that my family usually has between each other it can be hard to admit that my dad is the very definition of a quality tradesman! This guy well where do we start?, from the beginning I guess. Upon leaving school I went to work with my father  over 20 years ago. My dad Trevor was already an amazing tradesman, having had to learn many things the “hard” way. Dad had  very little help and instruction when he started his trade. He sought to better his skillset with extra training and always fortified this with the best tools money could buy. After 2 years working with dad he offered me an apprenticeship, so I could have a trade certificate behind me. The only difference was the piece of paper, dad had been passing on his hard learnt lessons from the very day I started.

The result being that I feel I am easily one of the best tradesman in QLD.  The quality of my work being proof of this good training.  Trevor is without a doubt the best I have ever seen at passing on the knowledge of our trade to new generations. I see all the time apprentices getting used as cheap labour and not getting taught the skills they need as a tradesman.


Quality Tradesman
Text I received about my dad Trevor when he was out on a job for me.

You can have all the skills in the world and still not have the work ethic behind it. Trevor always leads by example even at nearly 60 years of age continues to show the young guys how its done.  The text received above attests to this, considering the man sending it has 100’s of employees under him.


Double trouble! Me and my dad who taught me my trade.

In conclusion Trevor is both an exceptional tradesman, as well as supervisor and teacher.  Thanks dad for your patience over the years and teaching me my trade, love you dad your the best.


Check out one of the small jobs he went out to do recently.



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