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Knauf Stratopanel Ceiling

Knauf Stratopanel Ceiling

Being a business that specializes in ceilings, I thought I might share a product my father and I used last year called Knauf Stratopanel. This product has been around for a while now and used to be known as Cleaneo. This ceiling was built in a school in Brisbane’s West End area. Being a school, acoustics are a huge factor when classrooms are being designed. The architect selected Knauf stratopanel for the lower level classrooms due to both it’s acoustic benefits and it’s awesome look.

Knauf Stratopanel ceiling
This is a Knauf Stratopanel acoustic ceiling built in a School is West End Brisbane.
The System

The system consists of lightweight steel framing, very similar to standard Rondo concealed system. This system, for those not already familiar, consists of suspension rod hanging from approved anchors. Rods then connect to a top cross rail (AKA  “TCR”), which hold furring channels with a Rondo 139 or similar clip. In the manual it also states, that on joins, a wide furring channel must be used. The product comes in sheets which are then screwed up to the framing. The screw holes are then capped with special caps and the joints are finished with a special jointing compound from Knauf.

Knauf Stratopanel ceiling
Pictured is a Knauf Stratopanel ceiling with curved bulkhead around the outside.
Key features
  • The system comes in all different patterns from squares, circles to random circles all in different sizes.
  • It provides good acoustic properties comparable to tiled ceilings.
  • Has properties that assist in reducing unwanted smells and odors.
  • Can have customized lighting shapes and layouts, unlike grid ceilings.
  • Can be integrated into other plastering works, like bulkheads etc.
  • Looks unique and helps make the ceiling a feature in the room.




Knauf Stratopanel ceiling
Knauf Stratopanel with curved bulkhead in west end brisbane school
In Conclusion

This product not only looks great, it also ticks key performance criteria. Maybe it’s exactly what your ceiling needs?

For more information jump on the Knauf website or give us a call at Suspended Ceilings QLD.


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