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USG Boral Impressions Tile Review

USG Boral Impressions Tile Review.

The Tile

The USG Boral Impressions Tile is now the most popular tile that Suspended Ceilings Qld install. This is mainly due to great performance, good finish and value for money.

USG Boral Impressions Tile
USG Boral Impressions Tile
New vs Old

Impressions are the newer version of fine fissured tiles brought to us by USG Boral. As seen below, the fissures are smaller than the older Radar tile that most may be familiar with being common in government and commercial office buildings.  Both tiles are similarly priced however when offered the choice, nearly all clients opt for the Impressions.

USG Boral Impressions Tile vs Radar Tile
USG Boral Impressions Tile vs Radar finish comparison
Available profiles

Impressions are available in both square edge and rebated variations, as seen below. One thing worth noting on a rebated tile however is that to keep a consistant look around cut edged, the edges need to be rebated. Rebated edges need to be painted to keep a consistent look, which in turn  greatly increases the labour costs of having tiles installed.

USG Boral Impressions Tile square edge vs rebated edge comparison
Square Edge Impressions compared against a rebated edge.
Technical data

These tiles offer an NRC of .60 which is far better than nearly all standard plaster tiles. NRC stands for Noise Reduction Coefficient henceforth,  a high NRC  greatly helps in office space helping to reduce unwanted noise and echo’s.

This makes them an ideal choice in

  • Offices
  • Retail
  • Warehouse
  • Schools
  • Showrooms
  • Restaurants
  • Churches

These tiles also boast 45% recycled content which is awesome since they are a value tile.  It’s everyone’s duty to reduce waste where they can, so we can  preserve our planet for future generations. It’s great to see a product with recycled content that likewise is actually affordable.

USG Boral Impressions Tile Specs
USG Boral Impressions Tile Specs

So if you are considering a new tile ceiling or even just new panels for your existing drop ceiling, these tiles are worth a look.  Need your ceiling freshened up and looking great, jump on the phone and call SCQ for a free quote today.

Projects from Suspended Ceilings QLD that have used Impressions ceiling tiles.

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