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Warehouse Suspended Ceiling

Thinking of getting a new ceiling for your warehouse?

Take the stress and worry out of that new warehouse suspended ceiling you are thinking about and call us, we can help.

The Benefits

There are many good reasons to install a suspended ceiling into a warehouse. Firstly and foremost it provides more effective space for air-conditioning, saving you money. Secondly, it transforms warehouse space into a presentable area that can suit a variety of uses. Finally, a framework is provided for future services that can be accessed later as your needs change.

warehouse suspended ceiling

The Project Shown

The warehouse suspended ceiling shown in the article is an interesting one. It is built from USG/Boral exposed grid and fitted with vinyl faced plasterboard ceiling tiles. 1200mm x 600mm layout was the choice for this ceiling to allow for maximum compatibility for services. Furthermore, this provides the maximum range in tile choice.

Challenges on the project

In this particular warehouse suspended ceiling, a long leg wall angle was installed around the perimeter. This is to allow for additional movement due to the nature of tilt panel buildings. The roof on this particular building is supported by your typical z style purlins. Unfortunately, the purlins are spaced further than 1200mm apart. Henceforth a trapeze hangar setup was used. Rondo 274 brackets were used, then redundantly screwed to support the trapeze rods.

Due to the warehouse suspended ceiling being terminated whilst waiting for a wall to be built at a later date, a solution had to be found to terminate the grid. Whilst the grid is set out to a full tile leaving a hanger right on the end for support, t bars are meant to be engaged on either side. Therefore a long leg wall angle is used to terminate the grid and riveted into both the 1200mm bar and the main bar to ensure they stay engaged. 

Warehouse suspended ceiling

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  1. I am really impressed with your article. It very understandable. I was really thinking of getting a new ceiling for my warehouse. Thank God i found your post. It was really a good read. I learned a lot about its benefits.

    1. Thanks guys!, Your blog has some nice well thought out articles on it too. I’ve got some plastering blogs im working at the moment, but I’ve got some more reviews on ceiling tiles coming soon! Stop back anytime is was great hearing from you.

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