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Fitout on the Gold Coast with SCQ

Suspended Ceilings QLD recently completed a fitout on the Gold Coast for a local community group. The fitout consisted of lining the existing block walls and installing a new exposed grid suspended tile ceiling.

The existing shell

Upon arrival the existing building had bare Besser block walls and a flush set ceiling that had seen better days. The existing flush set ceiling was cracking, possibly due to movement and/or a lack of back blocking on the ceiling. Henceforth, all existing plaster needed to be removed to create a blank canvas for the new fitout and to ensure safety.  In addition, an electrical contractor was engaged to disconnect the lights and contractors removed the unused roller door.


First, for our little fitout on the Gold Coast, all walls were battened with 28mm furring channels on beta fix adjustable clips. This serves two purposes. Firstly, it allows for straightening on the walls for a better finish. Secondly, it provides extra room for services to be concealed in the walls. However, the right-hand side of the fitout had additional columns and it was decided to conceal them. This has been achieved by building a wall from steel studs out to the furthest point of the columns to conceal them. Consequently, this results in one long straight wall.

All walls have then been sheeted in 10mm plasterboard, flush set and then sanded ready for painting.

Fitout on the Gold Coast before pics


After stripping the existing ceiling out, the next step for our fitout on the Gold Coast was to install an exposed grid suspended ceiling. AMF VENTATEC ceiling grid was chosen to match the AMF Thermofon ceilings tiles our client selected. Thermofon has excellent acoustic properties however most clients purely select it because it looks great. Consequently, our client not only gets the look they want but the acoustic performance where they need it.

Fitout on the Gold Coast nearing completion

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