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Fitout in Brisbane with Supended Ceilings QLD

Fitouts in Brisbane by Suspended Ceilings QLD.

Suspended Ceilings QLD specializes in interior fitout in Brisbane and surrounding areas. We are specialists in suspended ceilings, partition walls, plastering, bulkheads, fire rating and exterior cladding. Fitouts can be stressful, but they don’t have to be. You don’t need to be a fitout professional to get a great result, but you do need to hire one!  We work with our clients to ensure they get the right products to suit their requirements. There are in excess of 100 ceiling types and finishes we can install, it’s crazy!  How do you pick one? that’s where we come in. Below I’ll cover a few things in a fitout in Brisbane we did.

Before pictures of a fitout in Brisbane

Tile ceiling

Two ceiling types were used in this fitout in Brisbane, one being suspended acoustic tile, the other an acoustic timber ceiling. The tile ceiling is an AMF VENTATEC exposed grid system, set up for 1200mm x 600mm tiles. Brackets are fastened to the vertical face of the structural members above and redundantly screwed for safety. There are some contractors that skip this process and only use single fasteners and stretch their spacings wider than specification. At suspended ceilings QLD we guarantee to either meet or exceed minimum specifications for ceilings. No-one’s safety is worth saving some money on an install.

The tile selected is an AMF Star square edge 15mm acoustic mineral fibre tile. Firstly, Star is a cost-effective solution, especially over large areas. Secondly, it has excellent acoustic properties that ensure an effective work area and privacy where required. Furthermore, it also comes in a high CAC variant which is excellent in areas subject to unwanted flanking noise.

Timber ceiling

The timber ceiling used on this fitout in Brisbane is supplied by Austratus. Installation is easy having a system very closely related to a concealed grid suspended ceiling. All components are powder-coated black to ensure stunning visuals on completion.


On this particular fitout in Brisbane, the walls are a tested system from Knauf. Consequently, this means the client knows what acoustic performance they should receive on completion.  Furthermore, different wall types allow for different levels of performance in certain key areas. This assists in keeping the project cost-effective and free up budget for decorative areas such as timber ceilings.

Ceilings in a fitout in Brisbane

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