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New Office ceiling for expanding business

Office ceiling

Need a new ceiling in your office? A suspended ceiling offers a wide range of benefits over direct fix style ceilings. Suspended ceilings can be installed at a variety of heights and can be either flush set or tiled. The office ceiling featured in this post is an exposed T bar ceiling in 1200mm x 600mm configuration.

Office ceiling
Exposed Grid 1200mm x 600mm Suspended ceiling
The Benefits of 1200 x 600 Layout

Exposed grid is most commonly seen in 1200mm x 600mm format, as shown in the featured pictures. Grid is most commonly set out in this configuration, although 600mm x 600mm is available as well. Firstly 1200mm x 600mm is the most cost efficient way to build a suspended ceiling. Secondly, this layout accommodates standard 300mm x 1200mm led lighting and also accommodates 600mm x 600mm air-conditioning vents.

Office ceiling

Flexible Tiles Choices

There are over 50 different tiles to choose from for your office ceiling. Ranging from mild to wild there’s something to suit everyone.  Furthermore, tiles come in plaster, acoustic, economy, waterproof, timber and metal. The list goes on and on. Considering all the choices available there is a tile to suit everyone.

Services and Maintenance

You will need some lights in your new office ceiling and potentially some air conditioning as well. Exposed grid suspended ceilings are designed with this in mind. Consequently, lights can be bought to fit right out of the box. Furthermore, more can be added later or simply moved if you need to change your office layout. The ceiling space can be accessed at any point making adding more services at a later date a much easier task.

No Painting

That’s right! Exposed grid suspended ceilings are prefinished. Not only does this save you the expense of hiring a painter, but it also means you get your new office ceiling sooner.

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Products Used

Grid    USG Boral Suspended Ceiling Grid

Tiles   USG Boral Impressions Tile Review

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  1. Hey mate great article , Gives a another perspective as to why you would chose a suspended ceiling over a solid set ceiling.

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