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Plasterboard Patching and Home Renovations

Plasterboard Patching and Home Renovations from $200!

At Suspended Ceilings Qld, one of the services we offer is the patching of plasterboard walls, ceilings and home renovation plastering.

Plasterboard Patching.

Rent inspection due?, Selling the house?, or just repainting?

Holes in plasterboard walls, it happens to the best of us.  Whether it be from the kids bike handle, cricket ball or a hand or foot through the wall, we can help!  One of the negative things about Gyprock is that it is easily damaged. One of the great things about plasterboard however is that it can generally be repaired close to it’s original finish.

Plasterboard Patching and Home Renovations
Hole in a plasterboard wall that requires patching

Can it be repaired to it’s exact original finish?, the short answer is no.

Can it be restored close to original finish where the untrained eye can’t tell?, most definitely!

This is where the huge difference between DIY plasterwork and trained professionals comes in.   Professional plastering tools provide superior control and feathering capability to the user. When you combine this with years of experience in the trade, it makes it very difficult for the DIY person to compete with the professional. For instance my personal setting blades/trowels cost over $1,000. Given that hopefully holes in walls are rare, it’s simply not economical for home handyman to go to this level of expense.  Having that experience also allows the professional to choose the right plaster for your patch repairs to give you the best finish and maximum durability.

Sometimes with large patches a piece of plasterboard needs to be removed and replaced, with added joint support. We can advise on job inspection whether this needs to be done.

Even once a patch is finished, if proper care isn’t taken when sanding the patch could be ruined and need to be re plastered.


Home Renovations.

Adding that extra room, new kitchen or updating the bathroom? Suspended Ceilings Qld have you covered.

We treat all work like it’s our own, so you get a great job every time.

We service the following and surrounding areas.

  • Cooloola Region
  • Sunshine Coast
  • Brisbane

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